The sole purpose of this entry is to remind myself when all of this started. Nothing to see here.
phm's Blog Published on 10/01/19 by phm
On a Secret Society of The Red Pill
Ad astra per aspera Enjoy the decline. A phrase oft repeated, with good reason, by anyone who has even the smallest inkling of what is happening in western society. The trouble is, it is getting harder and harder to enjoy it with the passing years. The institutions of society and government are building power against us and though it is good to become knowledgeable and instruct others (I...
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Let me introduce myself
I'm 47 and live in Chile, South America. I was an exchange student back in the early 90's and I also studied English Literature. Later on I worked for over a year at L.A.'s Sunset Strip and decided to come back to Chile to become a Software Engineer.I do not expect to find a life partner, because I know it’s a rigged game. I love beauty, I enjoy sex and I think loving someone is one of the most beautiful...
tandelaf's Blog Published on 09/25/19 by tandelaf
Weaponizing Truth
In an empire of lies the Truth is powerful, so 'the powers that be' hide it away from the proles. Most people will do what is easy. By making Truth difficult to attain and painful to understand, the Network is able to herd the proles into intentionally designed patterns of thought and behavior, creating a self-contained feedback loop.The unaware prole is stuck in a dream-state but because new information...
RPFerro's Blog Published on 09/16/19 by RPFerro
It doesn't matter which (state) faction a person supports within the Matrix, they are all equally controlling.Favorite tactics: The CCP suppresses information. Russia uses over-saturation of info and intentional misdirection so everyone is confused. The US controls which info is released and only allows coverage of info which supports an established narrative.Tbf, there is plenty of blame to go around....
RPFerro's Blog Published on 09/14/19 by RPFerro
Top of the Network Pyramid
Within the Game, every race, creed, and color is playing for dominance and control. Think about a giant pyramid of shit, some group has to be the top-most turd.If you want to know who controls society and has the most leverage within the Game/ Network, who are you not allowed to criticize? The left can criticize the right, the right can do the same to the left. It's a tired old meme by now but it must...
RPFerro's Blog Published on 09/09/19 by RPFerro
Trauma Programming
There is a way to condition minds to automatically respond when a certain kind of stimulus is introduced. One such method for deep programming is called trauma-based programming, or trauma-based mind control.In the ethical scientific community, if there is any such enclave remaining, trauma-based programming is unacceptable, if not outright banned. This ban does not mean that trauma programming experimentation...
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Network Membership and Early Ingsoc
Most Network people are born into it. From an early age, the parents of a Network family will pressure, indoctrinate, and corrupt their child into joining the Network and its machinations.Remember, the Network controls every level of government (national, state/ regional, and local), so a NPC cannot obtain a professional license without being a part of, or under Network control.As mentioned in the...
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I am going to become the man I have always dreamed of becoming.
The FoutainHead Changed by life.
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Hegelian Optics
At least 80% of what happens on a daily basis is designed and orchestrated. The process is referred to as 'procedural generation'.These psychological operations, also referred to as psy ops, are done as part of the Hegelian Dialectic: create the problem, or the perception of a problem, then offer a ready-made solution at a price. Sometimes the price is money, but the cost can include things like an...
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