How women can screw you over in India?
When it hits the fan.Some background: I live in India which is a somewhat difficult country to sarge in. I am a pick up artist or used to be.Have to vent out and I am not going to mince any words here. I have traveled to a few countries and my best sarging experience was in Germany. I have limited resources and challenges like body dysmorphic disorder. I am tall (6'2) and relatively good looking,...
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5 Common Shit Tests Every Guy Faces
What's up, guys. I just wanted to publish some random thoughts on shit tests that I think most guys need to know...But first, what is a shit test? In short, it's a test of your frame. It's something women do to you to see if you're truly confident, or just faking it.Here's a few random examples that come to mind...1. "How many girls have you slept with?"The proper response to this is: "In my entire...
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daily dose of the day
While going with the flow might be a good idea in a hand of poker it certainly is not the ideal way of thinking for dating or any LTR you might be considering.If you begin in a relationship differing to her or taking the least path of resistance well my friend you might as well just leave your balls right their on her dresser. Congrats shes not the bitch , you are !
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The Zeroth Law of Power
Ultimately, the Red Pill is about winning. Certainly, it was invented to be nothing but a pool of observations and speculations about what really is, but the reason we care about this shit is so we can get what we want. Knowledge is important because knowledge is power. And we can read the 48 Laws of Power for some valuable suggestions on how to attain and wield power. But what about knowledge...
The Parables of The Sower Published on 01/28/19 by Whisper
The Average Western Man is Fucked For Relationships. Back to TRP after 4 years: Thoughts and Observations.
The outline of my post: the modern man is fucked. This is perspective coming from someone who easily sleeps with lots of women in one of the "harshest" North American cities, where lots of pick up artists had their start. If I have trouble maintaining a relationship past 2 years, I don't know how the FUCK most men are hoping to do so. There are so many systemic challenges in Western society to stable...
S74RK Published on 01/28/19 by S74RK
Loneliness & Young Men
How is it going folks. Today I present to you a Twitter Thread I saved which is highly relevant to TRP.Full disclosure: I did not write this. I find value in sharing other's works as long as they are credited. Sometimes you need to connect the right info with the right people.I was reading in an old book yesterday, and the author remarked, only in passing, that young men in particular tend to feel...
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Discord server
Hi everyone. I have created a new discord server to chat and discuss and exchange ideas and experiences!! There are options for voice chat as wellHere is the server
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Golden Rule
A closer look to the golden ruleFound here
Attalos 's Blog Published on 01/07/19 by attalos
In Opposition to the Golden Rule/ Standing up
Do you remember your parents telling you, “treat others how you want to be treated”. This was supposed to be the Golden Rule. While it seems like a nice maxim, it’s generally not the case. This is something we were told by people who had no idea what the fuck they were talking about. Unfortunately, it carries over in even our most basic interactions. This is detrimental to beta husbands that...
Yams Everyday Published on 01/06/19 by yamseveryday
Looking back from age 30
Turning thirty lends one quite a bit of perspective. It's not quite the nuclear event that having a son is, but it certainly makes one look back. Here's a few things I've managed to figure out (usually the hard way) by surviving my 20s.Never try to compromise with a womanNever sacrifice for her benefit. She will not appreciate it. She will not return the favor. She will not meet you halfway. Most women...
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