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15 hours ago  GLOGANG

@redpillschool posting naked pictures is far more productive than endless logical argumentation that goes nowhere. Shirtless pictures end in fitness inspiration at best and workout advice at worst.

Aesthetic Vitalism definitely has its place especially in competitive male communities.

Are you going to tell me that naked pictures are worthless? Well then why did they get me laid on Tinder? If naked pictures are worthless so are easy tinder Hookups.

If anything I feel like your being dogmatic against naked pictures. You telling people not to post naked pictures makes me want to post naked pictures.

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19 hours ago  The Public Square

@GayLubeOil I upvoted for the pic, not because I have a dog in the fight.



20 hours ago  The Public Square

@JamesSkepp blah blah blah you regurgitate the words of a fatty-fucker. You have no idea how to do X Y or Z the only thing you know how to do is parrot other people's words.

Unfortunately you are so stupid you can't even chose the correct person to parrot.

You also are too stupid to understand how physical fitness proves someone is serious about cultivating masculintity.

We've tried intellectual arguments on you they don't work because you are a flat out idiot. The only arguments that work on people like you are direct simple ones with easy to follow pictures. That's why post physique faggot is so effective and why your crying about it.

The same way a great steak doesn't need shitty condiments you don't need stupid pua tricks if you actually look good.

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20 hours ago  The Public Square

@GayLubeOil Dude WTF

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20 hours ago  The Public Square

@JamesSkepp since you are so interested in regurgitating Rian and Rollos words sans introspection have you considered going to the directly to eating their cum?

Why the fuck should any of us care about Rian or Rollos views in masculintity if we bullied them off the Red Pill?

Rule Zero: take the masculintity advice of people who you are physically stronger than and smarter than and fuck hotter girls than.

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20 hours ago  The Public Square

@redpillschool @redpillschool logic only works on people with an IQ of 120+ that's why traditionaly the officer class is subjected to an ideological indoctrination and the enlisted are controlled through a system of carrots and sticks.

I argued that a liberal position is fundamentaly incompatible with an antifeminist position for years. You think retarded Rian and Chicken Noodle Soup for the Divorced Dad Soul Rollo care about that style of argumentation? No.

Why? Because these guys are midwits at best they've been saying the same shit verbatim for years. We can deduce how intelligent they are because we know what books they read. Reading comprehension is an excellent measure of intelligence.

Only when we started calling these guys unmasculine masculintity theorists did they get the point. In otherwords Ethos and Pathos. Now their crying to you. Oy vey Gaylubeoil is fat shaming me please make him stop, daddy Red Pill School. After they are done tattling they go back to writing about masculine responsibility and acta non verba.

So yes being in good shape doesn't make you right, but it does prove you know how to cultivate masculintity which is the entire point of the Red Pill. Fitness is fundamentaly Red Pill because the entire purpose is to separate yourself from the bottom 80%. If someone's not living Red Pill they are just Larping it.

Beyond the individual issue their is the group aesthetic issue. Remember when fat fuck Dean Esmay and Paul Elam cried on screen in The Red Pill movie. That's not a good brand. It's not a good look. Nobody wants to be associated with that sad pathetic bullshit. The 21C speaker line up had a very similar effect.

You know who is most sensative to the Aesthetic issue? Young men which is to say our primary demographic. The more fat fuck beer dads are tolerated the more we will be cut off from our primary demographic and become Married FagPill.

Fundamentaly the Red Pill can be run like a cool exclusive night club that asserts standards or it can become a pitty party fag fest for fatties. Included is a picture of an excellent mascot if you chose the second option.

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21 hours ago  The Public Square

@chaddeus_rex @redpillschool @GayLubeOil

“Of course, some people might be better qualified than others to speak on certain subjects, and the citizens of Athens could be very critical when anyone tried to speak outside of his expertise.

The character Socrates in Plato’s Protagoras says that when the Athenian Assembly discusses construction, the citizens call for builders to speak, and when it discusses the construction of ships they call for shipwrights, “but if anyone else, whom the people do not regard as a craftsman, attempts to advise them, no matter how handsome and wealthy and well-born he may be, not one of these things induces them to accept him; they merely laugh him to scorn and shout him down, until either the speaker retires from his attempt, overborne by the clamor, or the archers (τοξόται) pull him from his place or turn him out altogether by order of the presiding officials.

But, Socrates continues, when the discussion is not about technical matters but about the governing of the city, “the man who rises to advise them on this may equally well be a smith, a shoemaker, a merchant, a sea-captain, a rich man, a poor man, of good family or of none”

The expertise on lifting and good physique is of course a good indicator of discipline, but as @redpillschool points out, it is not the indicator of knowledge. Plato goes to lengths to explain that a Guardian who only applies themselves to physical strength will become blunt and brutish.

I have seen many an argument deteriorate on until two men begin flexing at one another and the argument is never resolved at an intellectual level. I would, for once, like to see a resolution to a debate that doesn’t require one or another participant invalidate the other through posting physicality.

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23 hours ago  The Public Square

@GayLubeOil I'm not arguing against fitness. But I am saying you can be fit and 100% wrong. Likewise you can be unfit and 100% right. These are not mutually exclusive groups. And when it comes to an argument about the color of the sky, it has no bearing.

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23 hours ago  The Public Square

@redpillschool that's not how things work in real life. If you go on a talkshow looking like a fat sack of shit representing the Red Pill you are going to make me and the Red Pill look bad.

That's why I have a personal and financial stake in your level of fitness

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23 hours ago  The Public Square

@GayLubeOil Regardless of who leads or who is following, statements of reason exist outside of the man who makes it.

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