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john_titor 15 hours ago

  #NoNothingNov Week 0:

It is week zero because im not participating in this.

If you need to invent a montly challenge to finally get your shit togethet then you have other issues to sort out. Not jerking it isnt gonna make you suddenly pull bitches. Yout beating around the bush because you are scared of approaching.

skiper505 17 hours ago

#NoNothingNov Update on 14th day: -Porn: Ok. Starting to not even care about that. -Video games: Ok.

  • Not waking up early: So and so. I can't get myself to wake up at 7-8 am. I wake up mostly at around 9-9:30 am. Goals:- Going to gym: Failed this week. Gotta pull myself together. -Guitar: Still failed, because of time constraints.
darchetype 18 hours ago

#NoNothingNov Week 2 update:

  1. No alcohol - so far so good. Decided I am going to drink with family over Thanksgiving holiday, but keep it light.
  2. Investments - so far so good.
  3. No social media - fail. Daily activity - so far so good. Noticing slight improvement in posture and core strength.
SmoothieMcSmooth 23 hours ago

#NoNothingNov Day 13: still flawed, getting better

  • Reboot: great, second day in a row
  • NoSugar: failed, second day in a row
  • NoSleeplessNights: great, second day in a row
  • Training: good, no gym scheduled, home training instead
Bishop_of_bath_and_wells about a day ago

#NoNothingNov Giving up sugar Giving up porn Reading ever day

SmoothieMcSmooth 2 days ago

#NoNothingNov Day 12: heavily flawed

  • Reboot: great, made rules more strict
  • NoSugar: biggest fail since a month
  • NoSleeplessNights: good, made rules more strict
  • Training: good, gym training
redpillschool 2 days ago

Do you have a #NoNothingNov plan for thanksgiving? Turkey's low cab but stuffing is not. Try cheese & broccoli. Salads. Pickles. Cauliflower Onion Mash with Cheese. Maybe just plain blocks of cheese.

SmoothieMcSmooth 2 days ago


  • Day 9: heavily flawed; went too far with edging/orgasm-training; NoSugar ok, NoSleeplessNights ok, missed training in the morning and missed training at night
  • Day 10: flawed; NoFap ok, had high-percentage-chocolate, NoSleeplessNights ok, did not train although I missed gym the day before
  • Day 11: heavily flawed; went to
andtoc 3 days ago

#NoNothingNov Failed the fap. Did the workout. No coffee. Need to tighten my internet filters.

Tiantuga 4 days ago

#NoNothingNov Attention Giving up fapping Giving up gaming Giving up sugar New habit reading New habit workout do you really want to change these things [YES], [NO]

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Welcome to No Nothing November 2018!

Every year, for the month of November, we challenged men to give up three vices for a month. They say that it takes just 21 days to form (or lose) a habit, and from those who participated in previous years, they'll remember that there's great satisfaction from achieving self-set goals, so let's get started on our 2018 #NoNothingNov

The Challenge

This year the challenge is:

  • Give up Three Vices for a month.
  • Take up One Daily activity for a month.

As we did last year, we want you to choose three vices you want to ditch for the month (and maybe for longer!) Some chose porn, some chose alcohol, and some chose /r/theredpill (bastards). Pick three vices or distractions that you want to remove from your life and kick them to the curb. If you pick alcohol or cigarettes, get them out of your house. If you pick porn, install that parental control software. If you picked /r/theredpill, close this window now.

Now for the proactive part of N3, making sure that no day is wasted, we say no to nothing. Pick an activity or chore that you want to make sure gets done daily. It can be big, or it can be small. Clean your apartment, make your bed, hit the gym (best option), approach at least 3 women a day, shave, work on your hobby project at least an hour a day. Whatever it is, it's time to pick it and make a real schedule to include it in your day. Sit down with your calendar and figure out what time of the day you'll need to dedicate to your NoNothingSomething. Figure out Thanksgiving. If you are ditching alcohol or taking up the gym, there's no excuse for Thanksgiving. You must commit.

Track your progress

Track on your personal blog, or right here on our new #NoNothingNov feature on TRP.red. Start tracking your progress by announcing your goals. Discuss how you plan to achieve these goals and what steps you're going to take to ensure that they happen. Track your progress here daily with hashtag #NoNothingNov