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All For The Sake Of Victory
Published 09/29/18 by AFTSOV [1 Comments]

I was 14 When I broke up with my highschool girlfriend, and like any logical women she got mad and told people that I raped her -- of course it didnt happen, and no one believed her, including school authorities.

I had to get a restraining order, she was crazy. My close friends / people I went to highschool with know her.

I know another girl, who was sexually abused by her own family... yet not everyone believes her.

For every girl that had sex and didn't get a callback, or girl that got dumped and claims she got rape as revenge, there's another woman who needs help, and is ignored.

When many cry wolf, no one pays attention!


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Comment by KnowledgeSlayer on 09/29/18 01:50pm

Sex is power.Its awesome how just the mention of "Sexual harrasment" gets alot of people up in arms.Now imagine how easy it is to control people through this? "

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