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I fucked my oneitis. And it sucked.
Published 06/16/20 by jollygrengiant [0 Comments]

Part 1; A few years ago, sophomore year of High School. Me, 110 pounds, 6'2, complete weeb with 3000 hours into some worthless video game.

I joined Cross Country for fun and made some of the first friends I had since I started high school. They showed me how to fuck around and not give a fuck about anything. We'd drink and smoke and do all the cool shit together. We're drunk and partying one night and my friends decide to FaceTime some girl and start harassing her, saying "come over". She's cute and being super receptive to their general fuckery. I take the phone and I try the "being nice" approach, apologizing for their behavior and such. She's nice to me back. Dope. She doesn't come over though. One of my friends gave me her snapchat, and that was that.
Fast forward two weeks later, me and the girl have been keeping in touch and things are going relatively well. I was talking to her and she was being super receptive towards me. I invited her to a soccer game me and some other friends were going to. She accepted. Day of, she showed up and I took her drifting in the parking lot. We kissed. My first time kissing a girl and I was amazed. Shit was fire. Two dates later, I told her I was in love with her. We'd only ever made out.
Anyways, same old story. I got obsessed and she got freaked out. She scampered. I wondered why, stumbled upon the Red Pill, read the sidebar and digested it. ~And nothing was the same again~
Part 2; Fast forward. Three years later. Freshman in college. Going to a prestigious university for a bachelors in biochemical engineering. Aced all my standardized tests. Gained 65 pounds of muscle and now run and Instagram fitness page with 10k followers. Started a small business that sells (products) on Amazon (for anonymity sake)
One morning I'm going through my DM's and one stands out. It's oneitis. I haven't texted her in 3.9 years since I had a meltdown and blocked her on everything because she wouldn't talk to me after I became obsessed with her. Typical bluepill anger on my part. She made a new instagram a while back and stumbled across mine, decided to say what's up. I'm like dope, I'm in town, she hasn't gotten too ugly. Made plans to hang out at a coffee shop in a few days. Didn't even bother with teasing her or anything, didn't really care enough either way.
Day rolls around, I show up 5 minutes late and stroll in big dick swingin'. Realize the coffee shop got a new barista, HB9 with long blonde hair. Hot damn. Started up a quick conversation and got my coffee. Found oneitis sitting at a table near the middle. Sat down next to her and immediately regretted it.
Something that got lost in my memory is how fucking crazy this bitch was. Sure, she was a HB7 and my first kiss, but when I looked into her eyes all I could think about was asking how many fucking adderall she popped this morning. Ho-lee shit. Talk about crazy eyes. I excused myself to the restroom, thought about it for a couple of minutes, and realized what I had to do.
Went back to the table, brought her to my car with some dumb excuse (probably music), made out with her for a bit, and said I had to go. I get a few texts 30 minutes after leaving about how fun it was to see me again and some other bullshit. Lead her on for another week, making and cancelling plans to hang out, then ghosted her.
I'm not usually a resentful person, but there was just something so fucking satisfying about flipping the script right back in her face. Couple of weeks later, she texts me out of nowhere and asks why I hung out with her in the first place. Alright, fun's over. Blocked her number and Insta and moved on.
I was too busy fucking the barista to care.
Lessons learned: She's not special, she's just better than you. Improve yourself and you'll begin to see that.
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