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Best handheld vacuum with floor-cleaning attachment
Published 03/18/20 by ray538 [0 Comments]

This cordless best handheld vacuum from Makita is lauded by reviewers for its simple use and light-weight profile, like one who admits, “I thought of shopping for a corded stick vac because they were such a lot less costly but my husband may be a Makita tool user and recommend I do this . i'm so glad I did. the quantity of dust and cat fur it picks up daily is simply amazing.

I don’t even see all the dust and fur but once I empty the canister, i'm shocked. it's lightweight, easy to maneuver, easy to vary attachments, easy to empty.” Plus, reviewers note that the longer floor attachment makes it easy to stay hardwood, carpeted, and even tiled floors clean. One explains, “I’ve had it now for a month approximately , and my house looks great. I’ve found missing socks within the dust bunnies I’ve sucked up. it's enough power to twist in my hand when it starts, and it'll suck a penny up the long tube off a hardwood floor.” Another writes, “We built a 162 square-foot tiny home trailer and having a light-weight , cordless, easy to store vacuum may be a must. This thing is completely perfect. We use it a day and it does an excellent job getting up all the dirt, dog hair, and fallen food from our hardwood floors. It works well on the tiny pieces of carpet that we've on the steps ."

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