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ray538's Blog
Best Drain Cleaner & Tool
Published 03/20/20 by ray538 [0 Comments]

If hair clogs are a frustrating, ongoing battle, you'll have an interest in investing during a more sophisticated tool like this General Pipe Cleaners spin-through drain cleaner auger. At $25, it's still a fraction of the worth of knowledgeable plumber visit and, unlike chemical cleaners, you will not got to keep re-buying it on a daily basis to stay your drains clear. to work it, you feed the metal cable into the drain. Then, when you’ve reached the hair clog, you tighten the thumb screw and switch the hand crank which “drills” the metal cable into the obstruction, breaking it up, and clearing it out of the way. Afterwards, you merely wash any remaining hair down the pipe with water. Best fitted to drains up to 2-inches wide, this tool is formed of a top quality steel canister with an easy-to-grip handle. And although there's more of a learning curve to use it than the opposite products on this list, Amazon reviewers have generally given it high marks with an almost four-star average rating.

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