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The Best Portable Coffee Options for creating Joe on the Go
Published 03/25/20 by ray538 [0 Comments]

If you travel or backpack long enough, you’re without a doubt getting to end up during a predicament — at some point, you’re getting to need a damn fine cup of joe. the matter is that getting that coffee could be a touch of a drag if you’ve been backpacking into the wilderness and therefore the closest cafe is thirty miles away. Or, maybe you’ve been driving for hours and you discover yourself during a one-horse town off Route 66 where the “best” (or only) coffee option is 7-Eleven. Whatever your predicament, it pays to be prepared with a backup plan. Here are four of our favourite alternatives for creating coffee on the go.

If drinking best instant coffee — any instant coffee — isn’t your speed, we get it. Elevate your portable coffee drinking with Copper Cow Coffee. The boutique, Los Angeles-based company sells all-in-one coffee packs that bring the legendary Vietnamese pour-over coffee experience anywhere you would like it. Each single-serve pod includes a mug-sized filter pre-filled with gourmet grounds sourced from the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Tear it open, stretch the filter “legs” over the lip of your mug, and pour your predicament . you'll optionally top it off with a packet of real sweetened milk to round out the authentic experience.
The good: The taste is astounding . Like traditional Vietnamese brew, the coffee is robust and nutty, while the milk adds depth and richness.
The bad: the worth . At $3 per serving (assuming you decide for the complete kit with condensed milk), it’s a dear thanks to get your caffeine fix on the go.

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