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Understanding the True Heart of a Liberal
Published 08/03/16 by SafeWordIsCommitment [1 Comments]

We often point out liberal hypocrisy through their censorship and constant slander. But the truth is that hypocrisy is not the correct word. Hypocrisy is when you have a value system that you yourself violate. The truth is that liberals are not hypocrites. The truth is far worse.

I will explain my favorite line of all time. Having spoken with many liberals, they consistently spout this one meme whenever the topic involves Israel. The line is, "I refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist."

Don't get me wrong. Whether Israel is good or bad, right or wrong, is a whole other question that we aren't going to go into. What we are going into is that favorite line.

In the liberal mind, things don't just exist. They need a right to exist. You need to fill out a form and petition the liberal bureaucracy for the right to even exist and maybe they will approve your application. In the liberal mind, she is god and your very existence dirties HER universe. She claims the dominion to decide who has the right to exist and who doesn't. She owns the universe and everything in it and exerts control befitting an owner.

You see, when a hypocrite does shitty things to other people, he feels bad about it because it violates his own moral code and he realizes this. When a liberal does shitty things, it is perfectly consistent with her own moral code. She owns the universe and your money is a subset of the universe. She has a legitimate right to decide how to spend your money on government programs because she is the rightful owner of your money. She has a legitimate right to attack and dox and harass you because she is the rightful decider who has permission to exist in HER universe.

That, my friend, is the true heart of the liberal. If you find yourself facing a liberal, whether a Islamofascist or a Feminazi or just a run of the mill White Knight, expect no mercy. Because in their eyes, your crime is existing.

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Comment by JohannesFactotum on 08/03/16 10:52am

Do not engage liberals. They're about as fun to talk to as ancoms spouting "full communism."

Otherwise, liberals spend inordinate amounts of energy thinking and complaining about what other people should be doing instead of doing what they are thinking and not complaining.

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