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What is TRP?
Published 08/15/16 by SafeWordIsCommitment [0 Comments]

Storing this here for now. Will delete later.

Some people will say it is self-improvement. Others will say it's an evolution of PUA. Most will say it is the gathering of a bunch of woman-hating scum.

In truth, it is a movement but not in the activist sense, but the literal sense. The past few decades have been rife with sociopolitical changes that have drastically altered the society in which we live. Things like no-fault divorce, lifelong alimony, presumption of guilt in rape accusations, and all manner of other changes. The world is a complex system in which these changes have caused a shift in the equilibrium of society. Actions have consequences and the world moves to accommodate the actions/changes.

TRP is thus a movement of a segment of society to the new equilibrium in response to changes in the societal dynamic. Whereas MRA wants to push society to a more egalitarian position, TRP wants to move itself to a position of safety. MRA wants to eradicate a disease, TRP wants to vaccinate itself and allow others to live as they wish.

And so I leave you with the story of the Peppered Moth. The Peppered Moth was originally a white insect with black spots. As a consequence of the industrial revolution, huge amounts of soot were introduced into the environment around England. Over the course of a few decades, the peppered moths that were unable to adapt to the changes quickly died out and the survivors became very dark in color. That is TRP. It is the transition from light to dark in response to environmental change. MRA wants the equivalent of undoing the industrial revolution.

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