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The Nature of Domesticated Masculinity
Published 10/29/16 by SafeWordIsCommitment [1 Comments]


You can skip the entire NY Times article and just read this one quote.

“Men have special duties,” he said. “They have to be brave, protect women and take responsibility for wrongdoing.”

Do we? Really?

To see the idiocy of such sentiment, I must examine the essence of masculinity. What is masculinity?

At it's core, masculinity is a functional component of sexual reproduction. With the rare exceptions of the few hermaphrodite species that exist in nature, the vast majority of sexual reproductive species undergo sexual dimorphism. We call them male and female, but in reality, it is the cannon fodder sex and the fertile sex.

What I mean by this is that one sex bears the investments in fertility for the sake of producing children. The other sex is used as genetic cannon fodder to weed out the inefficiencies in the genome so that the species can propagate.

The other systems don't work. If all sexes were fertile sexes such that every life were precious and coddled, then inefficiencies would congregate and destroy the species. If all sexes were cannon fodder sexes such that all life were culled and murdered out of existence for inefficiencies, then the species would be unable to reproduce in large numbers.

This, of course, begs the question; Why do we even need cannon fodder? Why do we need to throw wave after wave of men at life's problems rather than solve the problem itself?

The answer is because we don't know. It is not that we don't know why we need cannon fodder. It is that we need cannon fodder because we don't know what life's problems are. There are simply too many conditions, factors, and other players in the game that there is no optimal strategy. The rules change constantly over time and today's liabilities can be tomorrow's assets.

The solution was not to create a single ideal entity which could answer all of life's questions but to produce millions of different responses. Sexual reproduction's answer to life's lottery was to create a different ticket for each possible combination and know that one of them would invariably win.

So what is State-Sponsored Masculinity? For that matter, what is Church-Sponsored Masculinity or Society-Approved Masculinity? It is a domesticated, neutered, emasculated counterfeit created to serve the system. It is the fool that for a pat on the back and a few words of encouragement, becomes a willing cuck.

A male exists to conquer the challenges before him. He exists to cheat the system by stepping over the bodies of his fallen brothers. Masculinity is by it's very nature dishonorable except when honor serves to his benefit.

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Comment by RedRum on 11/01/16 01:15pm

slow clap This take on masculinity and 'the answer to life' is brilliant. There are no answers to life. There are many responses to it. And one of them may just hit the ticket. This accurately describes the risk-taking vehicle that masculinity models.

"Masculinity is by it's very nature dishonorable"... you might be right and that's chilling.

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