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By now, you should purchase a small amount of iron and coal
Published 10/07/20 by Sunxuemei [0 Comments]

By now, you should Best OSRS Gold site purchase a small amount of iron and coal and get started smelting bars (make sure that you purchase 2x the amount of iron in coal, e.g. 15 iron, 30 coal).

As of now, you purchase 914 gp for each steel bar you sell at the G.E. When you get to around 1M gp, if your sick of smelting steel bars, calculate how much gold ore you want to get to 99 smithing and purchase all the gold ore you can. You will lose some cash, much in actuality, but don't worry, with the rune items you make you can recover it all back by the time you get to about lvl 85.

What I found out just now that I reached lvl 68 is I need to get to 1M gp so that I can buy all of the gold ore I want to get to lvl 99. While I get to smelt a new metal (for me personally it is going to be at lvl 70 using addy) is I will mine the brand new ore and necessary coal and smelt 15 pubs of this new metal. As I get higher levels, I'll smith the weapons I want to smith and then sell them for additional cash and exp. When I market at G.E.. This is my view on what I discovered to be easy. If you guys don't like something, please send me a remark on what I could boost. My name is Zoku012 if you would like to send me a message or add me to your friends list on RS. Anyhow, I expect I help a few of you who actually struggle with this boring skill. Fantastic luck everyone.

After the last update regarding buddy trading, where you can exchange more with long term friends, I was considering starting a cash transfer clan named Runescape Union. (Instead of Western Union.) It would allow considerable amounts of money to be transferred between two disparate entities. Essentially my plan is for this. Normal clans will probably streamline the procedure by having one of their associates as a secretary of finance, all members of the clan will befriend that secretary.

This secretary will befriend the members of this exchange clan. These members will in turn be befriended to secretary of different clans as well as members of additional exchange clans permitting exchange of funds between clans (Like bets and pots.) Additionally, non-clan players can also befriend these exchange clans, so again large sum of money can be exchanged. This system should also be resistant to RWT since the cheap RS gold money must pass through a lot of hands. How does it sound?

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