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Sunxuemei's Blog
All current members will continue to gain access to the members' version
Published 10/12/20 by Sunxuemei [0 Comments]

These are some RuneScape gold seriously good stats for when you need to use prayer and magic at the exact same moment. With complete proselyte and a crozier (and all the other things listed above that give best prayer and magical bonuses), you can find a +44 prayer bonus, but just a -28 magic attack bonus plus a +40 magic defence bonus.

One place I can think of where 3rd age Druidic Gear would be especially useful is in Ice Strikeworms (though you would need to put on a fire cape rather than Druidic or Soul Wars cape). Here you could auto-cast fire surge and apply the soul divide prayer (which fixes you 1/5th harm ) to keep you from dying. The same strategy would be helpful for the majority of the Runescape bosses and I'm sure for lots of runescape creatures -- if you can imagine any in particular please tell me. Oh, I forgot to say the Third Age Druidic Equipment looks amazing, too! Hopefully that, added to all the other things you've read, convinces you that Third Age Druidic robes aren't nearly as bad as they seem and, if you are exceptionally wealthy, maybe even to buy a set! I'm also"retiring" from the world of RuneScape in general. There are a number of reasons for this, but I will not bore you with all of them. I have not played RuneScape only for pleasure in years, and while I do sometimes feel attracted to log into, I no longer feel enjoyment spending time"attaining" meaningless things in a fake world. Since 2007 I have played primarily for this website, since I believed it had worth and I enjoyed helping people. I hoped I could make the website financially viable, to warrant the time and effort it takes to write quality content. Unfortunately I haven't been able to do so, and with the current financial state and my oldest son about to go into college, I must now move on.

Below are some specifics about what is going to happen today: The site itself is not being removed; it will only be"mothballed" and abandoned in place. I have added a disclaimer to every page cautioning investors that the material could possibly be out of date or may become so over time.

All RuneScoop recurring memberships are cancelled to ensure no potential charges. All current members will continue to gain access to the members' version as long as the website is up. Additionally, because I don't feel as I lived up to my end of the deal, anyone who bought an yearly membership may contact me to cancel their current membership and receive a partial or full refund as they see fit. Guess it's challenging to generate a penny from playing Runescape.

Runescape - New Chinning Method

So, I reading about treasure paths, and some website said"Can NOT dig multiple times, this may spawn multiple Zamorak wizards!" I also noticed that some places in which you get wilderness coordinates are multicombat. Zamorak wizards have a fairly decent 730 lp, are variety weak, and generally fall 45 passing runes. So, obviously, we ought to... CHIN ZAMMY WIZARDS!!! Once ready, turn them , then spam dig with OSRS Money the spade. Zamorak wizards will spawn. Chin them. Subsequently, spam dig . Go back to chinning.

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