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Others started to question the physics at a facetious way of the game
Published 10/15/20 by Sunxuemei [0 Comments]

Animal Crossing New Horizons - Here's What Happens When You Increase The Wind On Your Own Island

Weather plays a Animal Crossing Items role. Rainstorms bring fresh woods to your own island's shores and clear skies trigger meteor showers that gild your island within dropped star fragments. There's one weather feature, nevertheless, that has a benign effect on gameplay: end. Whether it gently rustles through the cherry grove about the far reaches of your own island or conveys a gift-bearing balloon overhead, wind is one of Animal Crossing's gentlest powers and possibly the easiest to dismiss.

It was, until lately. Last week, dataminer Ninji shared a movie on Twitter that features a windstorm ravaging his island. "Turning up the wind power in #ACNH makes the game look very surreal," he tweets. The clip shows palm fronds as they seize back and forth, and flowers depends on it. Instantly, ACNH buffs crawled all over the thread. Some speculated that Nintendo must be planning a"hurricane update" if the wind has the ability to be turned up this high.

Others started to question the physics at a facetious way of the game, gently poking fun at the fact that a hurricane does not dismiss your blossoms' blossoms the way your player character can. A couple users that were curious started looking for assistance re-creating windstorms in their islands. Ninji does not seem to be handing out some lessons.

Sofar, Nintendo has provided no sign that there is a hurricane feature going to be added to the game, despite these animations existing in-game. So, unless you've got the abilities that Ninji has in tinkering with the game's mechanics, you will need to enjoy the"surreal" ramifications of an Buy Nook Miles Ticket windstorm from afar and hope for an announcement soon.

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