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I've done things like tunneled over SSL
Is that complex? I suppose that depends heavily on the value of what I might miss without it.
for my case it was pretty simple, just told quassel to use a different port than the default, and the particular filters don't block 443.
to the censors, it looks like web traffic
I'm willfully ignorant about stuff like that. I know very smart people that could probably lay it out for me. Maybe in the future. Thank you for the advice.
10 Awful Truths About Getting In Shape
Feb 7, 2017 | 3488 Views | | 6 | Download MP3 | Embed Player

Podcast Details

Share the link with anyone who has a twisted sense of humor!

In this foul-mouthed podcast, I list the 10 truths about getting in shape that the red pill has been hiding from you all along, and I also have an epiphany.

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User Comments
bear-with-bit commented on a podcast 2 years ago

@RedRum lol while listening to this i just drank water and realized i'm hungry after i just ate

blue_dover commented on a podcast 2 years ago

@RedRum Re-listening to this lol - bulked up to 185 from 165 - tried on my slim fit shirts - i kid you not - it was so god damn tight - i thought my chest, arms and shoulders were gonna pop out - The buttons were hanging on for dear life - Greatest feeling ever

blue_dover commented on a podcast 2 years ago

@RedRum :P This one was pretty good lol - very relatable - Still waiting for the girls starting random conversation though

Circus of Values
Host: RedRum

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