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the example that I have is people that are sold on the idea of the state being daddy provider for all things, like universal healthcare. I'll concede that it'd be a great thing if people could get 'free' universal health care, but then ask them: "how would you pay for such a thing?" - and they never have an answer
its just socialism with a new face
its pretty much all the Democrats are good for these days: sneaking in socialism at every opportunity
I'm somewhat surprised GE Trump even signed their bullshit border bill
yes, it is, but my point here is that you can't just tell them "socialism is bad, mmmkay?"
that goes in one ear and right out the other
you have to get them to a point that they question their own beliefs. they can't be told directly
right on
Reality Is a Social Construct Created By the Patriarchy
Mar 31, 2017 | 1890 Views | | 6 | Download MP3 | Embed Player

Podcast Details

Share the link with anyone who has a twisted sense of humor!

In this foul-mouthed podcast I talk about how the weak fear the strong, how social correctness is for people with too much free time, and I also tell a joke.

Shout out to Bancroft for being my content director.

redrum    red    rum    dark    humor    dry    deadpan    women    joke    crying    bitches    4    things    food    jesus    baby    dick    funny    crass    rants    wisdom    clown    crude    swear    cuss    foul    intro    beats    track    political    correctness    too    much    free    time    weak    strong    Genghis    khan    mongol    empire    savage   
User Comments
revengerence commented on a podcast about a year ago

@RedRum Wonderful production value. I look forward to the next episode.

blue_dover about a year ago

@RedRum I just came here to learn how to get laid - but holy shit what have i gotten myself into

blue_dover about a year ago

@RedRum Man you're production value is just off the charts

Circus of Values
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