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The Benefits of Being Self Aware
May 2, 2017 | 3693 Views | | 2 | Download MP3 | Embed Player

Podcast Details

The idea behind being self-aware is to gain access to the mind's control center. You can become an objective thinker behind the situations you encounter in life. Once you learn how to take input data, analyze it and then make decisions using your mind and not your reaction, you will be more confident in any situation.

User Comments
beglez commented on a podcast about a year ago

@BachelorPrime Very good and important information. What do you do next after you identified the way you react to certain situations? How do you build this 'template' of yourself? How do you change your response if that is possible? etc. Your insights and any further reads on this would be highly appreciated.

BachelorPrime's Podcast
Host: BachelorPrime

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