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kidding, but my projects are getting high-dollar
what kind of projects?
architecting various systems and implementing them company wide
Graduated recently and beginning my career. Trying to learn about building good professional and personal relationships from the experienced guys on here
know when to slow down and make friends with the right people, and know when you don't have time to do that, and how to express that pleasantly and in a friend;y manner
that's my .02
Somewhat learning that lesson with another one of the new hires. Tried hard to be good friends but realizing more and more that he is not a good ally to have
After rereading I think you're talking more to time management. Thanks for the tip
Legendary Peace Discusses Globalism
Jul 2, 2017 | 2244 Views | | 1 | Download MP3 | Embed Player

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LegendaryPeace's Podcast
Host: LegendaryPeace

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  Legendary Peace Discusses Globalism

Jul 2, 2017