RedRum 2 days ago

The internet brings people together. The internet is the "modern man's country" to which he seeks to be a patriot for. I believe this is the root of the drive behind lots of bitter shooters: they feel their home is being taken away by the country they physically reside in; in attempt to divide the people in order to regain control.

RedRum 2 days ago

I don't condone the actions the shooter took, but if you've read his documents explaining his goals, I begrudgingly admit a lot of what he's doing will see his plan to fruition. While calculated I don't believe he should be idolized and he's making a few wild bets on his own life and what the future brings.

RedRum 2 days ago

The NZ shooter is using memes to attack all fronts: the globalists,left,right, & the independent. As described in my last article, memes are an xtension of culture. Strongest culture wins. The Bloopie script is a dogma intended to gain control on an otherwise awakening population thanks to the internet. That's why memes scare the regime.

redpillschool 2 days ago

@GayLubeOil You're not wrong. Thank goodness for

GayLubeOil 3 days ago

I'm starting to think that the days of Red Pill Reddit are numbered. New Zealand is going to be used as a pretext for a social media crackdown for the 2020 election.

MentORPHEUS 3 days ago

@Hazelstein Looks like OP deleted the original. I'll fix or remove the link when I get the chance.

MentORPHEUS 6 days ago

Southern Poverty Law Center fires co-founder over undisclosed issues.

(SPLC believed to be big driver of TRP quarantine)

redpillschool 6 days ago

@Hazelstein Where what is now?

redpillschool 6 days ago

As a society, we are rightly outraged about “female circumcision.” Why are doctors, who took an oath to first do no harm, allowed to sterilize and surgically mutilate mentally ill, delusional children?

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