redpillschool 2 days ago

@Noblefiz LDR is just giving permission for her to cheat.

redpillschool 2 days ago

@Last-Man-Standing SJWs always lie.

redpillschool 2 days ago

@GayLubeOil "Male supremacy misrepresents all women as genetically inferior, manipulative and stupid and reduces them to their reproductive or sexual function — with sex being something that they owe men and that can or even should be coerced out of them. "

They could make a living painting straw men (and then demonizing them).

GayLubeOil 4 days ago

The SPLC is the real reason Red Pill got banned. Reddit is just taking orders.

GayLubeOil 4 days ago

Tired of Purple Pill Cucks blurting vague masculine platitudes? Check out Jonathan Bowden.

MentORPHEUS 5 days ago

@lilcreep At your age I had only been with my high school GF and had a years long dry spell. Really hit my stride with women in late 20s. Went on to spin multiple plates and have satisfying (and occasionally crazy) relationships.

Don't despair, improve! Men age like wine. Your best decades are still to come.

redpillschool 5 days ago

@Omnidempotent Manipulated Man

MentORPHEUS 6 days ago

@Lordkingalpha Settle down, kid.

redpillschool 6 days ago

@Lordkingalpha Take the hint.

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