jwayne about a day ago

@Noblefiz get it checked before 10am when its at the highest and do 2-3 tests on different days. It can fluctuate. You want to see if the next one is 700 or say only 200

MentORPHEUS about a day ago

@Omnidempotent Consult Vasiliy on this one, but "Daddy Issues" women usually want more of a strong leader figure not a Dad bod goofball.

Omnidempotent about a day ago

Dad game: does it work?

Noblefiz about a day ago

@Rian_stone @seasonedRP I'm gonna go find a doctor asap and find an endocrinologist. Aside from switching up my diet immediately and changing my workout regimine

GayLubeOil about a day ago

@MentORPHEUS I know we argue a lot and disagree on pretty much everything. I just want you to know I respect you for fighting me and not slinking away like a beta turd (like some people).

Here an image to express my gratitude.

MentORPHEUS about a day ago

@GayLubeOil Since you were asking for feedback on artwork: This piece is really good and hard hitting, A+. The last one fell flat, no takeaway and not relatable to those without an acquired taste for chan or t_d style.

bear-with-bit about a day ago

@Rian_stone i didn't even know you were involved.

SeasonedRP about a day ago

@Noblefiz That is quite low for your age. You probably feel like an elderly man in some ways. It used to be unheard of for young people to have T that low. Unfortunately, now it is quite common. T levels in men of all ages are markedly lower than they were in men in prior generations.

redpillschool about a day ago

@Captain_Save_AHoe I will contact you via PM

Rian_stone about a day ago

@Noblefiz thats low. Very low. 70 year old man low

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