blue_dover 13 hours ago

I have banged chicks at every school in the ivy league except Harvard you are by far the toughest to get into #giggity

blue_dover 13 hours ago

@RedRum In my experience - you can make progress 10x faster if you do one thing at a time. If you are sub 20%BF go for a 300-500 calorie bulk [lean bulk] - else go for cut - I am currently in a calorie surplus and making all kinds of muscle gains and also losing fat as well as a bonus. It's also my 1st year of lifting maybe that's why

GayLubeOil 16 hours ago

Women's March on Washington

GayLubeOil 17 hours ago

They are openly advocating for violence against us

G_Petronius 18 hours ago

"Please come and give structure to our lives. Please."

RedRum about a day ago

@blue_dover both if possible.

0xdada about a day ago

waiting for the Economist headline, "The kids are alt-right."

blue_dover about a day ago

@RedRum What are your goals muscle building or fat loss? - I know @redpillschool and @archwinger both follow low carb diets - Maybe they can pitch in

G_Petronius about a day ago

Lady, I got some news for you

MentORPHEUS about a day ago

Challenge to my fellow RP men: Enter a Mud Runner race in 2017! I'm turning 50 before then and am first to admit I'm strong but not currently in THAT kind of shape. Now have 65 days to train for a respectable finish time. These races are held worldwide. My mentee and local friends entered, who else?

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