skiper505 8 months ago

#NoNothingNov Update on 18th day: -Porn: OK. -Video games: OK. -Not waking up early: Failed this weekend. Goal#1: Failed. Did not go 4 times a week. I will start again tomorrow. Goal#2: Failed. Did not have time. But, I will persevere.

Charlie_Wright8312 8 months ago


Working out (no equipment) + eating lot of carbs & protein for past 25 days. Only 9 days off (incl. rest days). Current streak: 8 days.

Minor achievement, but as someone who fears taking action, I let myself humblebrag on completing my first real step toward self-improvement. #baby_steps

Don_Legaracci 9 months ago

wanna know the #1 thing you can do to substantially improve your sex appeal with women right now?

leave their messages on read/seen for a few days. this is even more potent if you do it right at the peak of flirting/sexting.

StrikePrice 9 months ago

@yungboi That’s Lesson #1, bro. “When you find yourself hesitant, yield to action.” So you tell me. When is the best time?

StrikePrice 9 months ago

@Rpdub I’m interested in this. My profile pic is Vader, but I’m a Palpatine Sith Lord. I live by Law of Power 38. It should be #1 IMHO. I only show the blackness in my heart when I must. I have had people who’s careers I have ruined thank me for being such a good friend. I may appear weak when it suits me, but I am never vulnerable.

redpillschool 9 months ago

#devnews Thanks to all the donations (especially the patreon subscribers) we are now investing in a better infrastructure. Goal #1 is censorship-free platform without the hassles of potential take-downs by liberal companies. More info on that soon.

hoodrich 2 years ago

FR: Girl spends the night. I wanted to fuck in the AM so I initiate. She was ignoring me (shit test #1). Instead of trying to cuddle my way into sex (lol) I got up to make coffee & do dishes. Once I stopped giving her attention she got up and says she wants to fuck but doesn't have time (shit test #2). I tell her we can make time. We do.

Gaiusscaevolus 2 years ago

Sexual Market Rule #1:

Dick is abundant and cheap. Good dick is rare and in high demand.

You want to be selling good dick.

redpillbanana 2 years ago

@GayLubeOil Hillary Clinton: TRP/MRA's #1 recruiter. "Women have always been the primary victims of war. Women lose their husbands, their fathers, their sons in combat."

DanteDriller 3 years ago

2 things fellas. #1.This is exactly what I thought was missing from the reddit format; a "shoutbox" element that I have seen in other forums.#2.I'm having high difficulty creating & maintaining healthy friendships w/ other guys my age (33) IRL.Perhaps there are social groups, gatherings, or clubs you'd recommend?Thanks in advance.

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