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Adam's Blog
The unbearable femininity of Nazism
Published 04/15/20 by adam-l [2 Comments]

There is a resurgence of nazism worldwide. Yup, it's a "clown world" indeed, and far from being an answer, nazism is its most characteristic symptom.

Loud and "macho" as they may present themselves, the nazis always had a very feminine soul. At its center is not masculinity, but rather a burning *desire* for masculinity. It is no coincidence that what preceded the current nazi trend was a sharp increase and legitimization of single mothers. Their offspring, those lost boys that grew up missing a positive father figure, or any father figure at all for that matter, some of them got really fucked up: They got fixated on their need for a father, something that forever wrecked their souls.

When that lost boy grows and the sexual urge begins to settle, there is a very specific and distinct procedure that takes place: Fixated as he is on his desire for a father, he experiences a merging of his two great desires: Sex and Father. Call me politically incorrect, but this merging is the fundamental psychological background for many (most?) male homosexuals. And, call me politically correct... it's fine. We all have our strange fixations, bigger or smaller. I like blonds with big tits. On an individual level, if taking a penis up his ass relieves his sexual angst, no problem. His ass, his business.

The big problem, though, is when this merging of the sexual desire with the desire of a father goes unacknowledged, and diverts itself to the symbolic level. Then this angst never gets relieved and you have a zombie, a total slave to his omnipresent needs. The typical nazist worshiping of a leader is precisely the result of this procedure. The nazi literally experiences his butt-hole pulsating invitingly in the presence of male authority.

You can understand how difficult it is for those kids to break out of their vicious cycle. Most of them are lost causes. Their hypnotic submission to authority makes them unwitting victims of the elite, willing servants to be called upon to do the dirty work when bourgeois democracy falters. They are the first to take up every bullshit scapegoating ideology that relieves "daddy" of his blame. Isn't it great that daddy needs my help? Look, daddy, I'm a grown up man! Love me daddy, see what I've done for you! I'm being a good boy

Btw, "Daddy" is a word routinely used to describe the fuhrer in these circles. From Hitler to Stalin and to more recent wackos, it's no coincidence that followers use the word "Daddy" to express their adoration.

All that infantilism comes hand in hand with a verbal radicalism: Authority is denounced on the grounds that it is not authoritarian enough. This is such an obvious analogue with the feminist predicament, where little girl denounces male authority because daddy was never a man enough for unorgasmic mommy, that I really wonder how people can miss it. Feminists and nazis have the same Borderline Personality Disorder stance against, essentially, masculinity: They both desire it profoundly, and resent if for not being offered to them when they needed it.

Now nazis, of course, are very conscious of the tribe. Ready to defend it, (at least when they have the numbers), ready to differentiate it from others, etc etc. Isn't that, at least, a masculine tendency?

As it turns out, sorry, no.

In a fascinating research about, essentially, the nature of femininity, some pretty cool researchers have managed to talk about it without ever mentioning the world "female", thus avoiding the censorship: They "only" talk about oxytocin - which we know is female, "cuddle" hormone. (See The Dark Side of Oxytocin)

As it turns out, "the tendency to view one's group as centrally important and superior to other groups creates intergroup bias that fuels prejudice, xenophobia, and intergroup violence. [Since it] also facilitates within-group trust, co-operation, and co-ordination, we conjecture that [this tndency] may be modulated by brain oxytocin, a peptide shown to promote co-operation among in-group members. … Results show that oxytocin creates intergroup bias because oxytocin motivates in-group favoritism and, to a lesser extent, out-group derogation. These findings call into question the view of oxytocin as an indiscriminate “love drug” or “cuddle chemical” and suggest that oxytocin has a role in the emergence of intergroup conflict and violence."

Cute huh? All the macho talk about "my" in-group, actually being fueled by girl hormones. Makes total sense of course, once you know the way women operate. Consistent with their subliminal need to be anally penetrated by a father figure, these lost boys are bathed in oxytocin.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of direct parallels between femaleness and nazism: Both have an inflated sense of self-importance. They have the Lebensraum - "living space" ideology. In other words, entitlement. Women view the average man as beneath them - by biology. Nazis, the "ubermensch", view the average man as beneath them - by psychological disorder. Both will lie, deceive, attack the weaker, bully anyone they can. Machiavelian, will lay low and bid their time, instead of accepting an honest compromise. You can't level with them. There's no point in engaging in rational discussion. Total lack of a sense of honor. Lack of generosity, lack of abundance. Nazi mysticism is a direct reflection of the females attraction to all sorts of wacho metaphysics (zodiacs, chakras, etc). That's another typical oxytocin symptom. Will maintain plausible deniability at all costs. "I'm not a nazi, I just happen to like short men with short mustaches".

The list goes on.

What is the most striking part is the pronounced contrast between TRP and nazism. TRP is the living acknowledgment that women is the most valuable resource of all, while nazis have this really stupid idea that it is worthy to go to war abroad for "resources" - all the while consolidating local women's gatekeeper role on sex.

Now, is there anything good about nazis?

Well... I'll concede to one point. Being women themselves, nazis are good at discerning the true nature of women - and, generally, all *petty* behavior. They can have some profound insights about female nature.

It takes one to know one, as the saying goes.

For those that have eyes to see it, nazi authoritarianism has nothing to do with true masculinity. It's just its ridiculous travesty.


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