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The Dynamic
Published 10/02/19 by Nonebeliever [0 Comments]

In its simplest form, the idea behind AltTRP is that attraction comes from difference. The masculine attracts the feminine and vice versa. It may sound strange in the context of same sex attraction to talk about the attraction of opposites, but homosexuality has its own dynamic, its own masculine and famine dichotomy. In exploring the nature of same-sex attraction we learn a truth about the universal nature of attraction: weakness is attracted to strength.

It is difficult to discuss same-sex dynamics without drawing comparisons to heterosexual attraction because in a sense one is a shadow of the other. It is an ill-conceived notion of modernity that gay-ness is wholly unique from straight-ness. The patterns of same-sex attraction are not so different from those of hetro because they are simply a redirection of preexisting mating strategies rewired to select for partners of the same gender. In this sense when I say "Gay men are women" as I have in previous writing, I'm not merely making hyperbole. I'm shining a light on the uncomfortable fact that by playing the mating game, we all must take one roll or another.


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