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The Correct Way to Ask a Girl Out
Published 11/30/18 by darchetype [0 Comments]

When asking a girl on a date, either via text, call, or in person, always pose it as a statement, not a question.


  • "I'm gonna go see a show at the jazz club Wednesday night at 7. You should* join me."

Simple, straightforward, unassuming. It lays out the time and place in one sentence. You aren’t asking her if she’s free or where she wants to go or what she wants to do. It is you who is going to do something awesome that night regardless if she’s available, and it would be cool if she joined you. Girls hate having to plan stuff, especially dates. It's too stressful and onerous for them. Take the initiative, be the man. She's less likely to decline or flake if you have things already planned out.

*Side note: The word "should" is so simple yet powerful. It makes her feel like if she doesn't come along, she's missing out on a golden opportunity to do something fun with you. It's almost like you are incepting the thought into her mind. You "should" use this word it as often as you can.

Fuck Ugly Chicks
Published 11/21/18 by darchetype [5 Comments]

And by that I mean, bang ugly chicks... at least when you're first starting out on your red pill journey.

Going for girls below your looks will do wonders for your abundance mentality. You need that mentality to help you grow and develop outcome independence when you start to game hotter women. Even if you are good looking, you're gonna have a tough time pulling hotties right off the bat when your n-count is shit and you have to fake that mentality. So build up to it. Have sex with uggo's. Strive for quantity over quality.

Also, never fuck fat women. Ugly chicks can't really do anything about their looks besides pad on a ton of makeup. It's genetics and is the same problem short guys deal with. Ain't nothing you can do about it besides improve other facets of your appearance. Now fat people, they sure as hell can do something about it. By fucking a fat girl, you're boosting her ego and perpetuating the fat acceptance movement. Don't fuck fatties.

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