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Denny Hardy's Midwest Manosphere
The Midwest Manosphere
Published 02/24/19 by DennyHardy [4 Comments]

First and foremost, if you've stumbled upon this blog, Welcome.

I want to make it clear that I am not a professional writer, nor do I wholeheartedly enjoy it. I'm more of a 'discuss things in person' type of guy. So bear with me.

I named this post "The Midwest Manosphere" for the lack of a better name, or even the lack of effort put into making a name. A close friend also suggested "The Toxic Revengers" when I mentioned an offline group of men getting together to talk about man stuff. That was his nod to to the farce that the misandrists have dubbed "toxic masculinity."

My real reason for writing this post (and maybe a few to follow) is because I feel that the Midwestern Region of the United States is not represented well when it comes to The Red Pill, Manosphere, or whatever people want to call this online gathering of men sharing ideas. Most of the content that is out there for us to absorb are created by people living in the bigger cities or metropolitan areas on either coast of the country. We can play semantics all day, but when it boils down to it, the Midwest is simply not represented well if not at all. I, for one, hate the city life and prefer a more quiet rural setting. This, of course, has the consequence of the dating scene to be "slim pickin's." So with that thought, I may do a post later on to discuss "Small Town Game." At the same time, there are excursions made to the city for various events or social gatherings. Another blog topic might be "a country boy's visit to the city." I'm open to suggestion if any of you would like the Red Pill Lens applied to various things in the Midwest.

My main mission, purpose, or agenda with this blog is to simply be a resource of support for men unplugging from the proverbial matrix who are in the locale of the Midwestern United States. I will not limit my support to only here, but it will be my main focus.

The Red Pill does exist out here for those looking. I'm happy to help

-Denny Hardy 20190223


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