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First date in my life. 19yr HB8 petite drunktard / gold digger
Published 03/18/19 by disabledtrp [2 Comments]

Hello fellow trpe'rs!

Let's be clear, my only intention to write this is so others can learn from my mistakes and if there is any other disabled person out there, maybe it could be useful for them too.
Context about myself: 30yr old, business owner, clean, dress well, not ripped, normal weight, disabled as, i use an O2 tank 24/7, so i have a canula over my face btw. My only experience with women is with escorts.

So, if you follow me on trp.red, you can see my post about my tinder failures about a year after i tried it. i couldn't even get a simple coffee date, even after hundreds of matches. From nowhere, one of the matches that i sent a message 3 months ago and never answered me, hit me back (it actually happened with 2 matches in the same week, weird shit).

Context about the girl: 19yr old petite (no boobs), HB8, fit, cute. Her profile said that she loved alcohol, 420, and that she was a sugar baby.

I'm dumb but not that much, so i knew i was not getting quality from this, this was an used and broken girl that started to ride the cock carousel and abusing substances at 14yr old. But went ahead anyway, as even as a bad experience, it was better than no experience at all. at least she didn't look as a drug addict, just as a crazy party girl, enough for me.

We meet at a bar in her city, 30km away from mine. cool place, she ordered a drink, i ordered a sugar free coke (i don't drink alcohol). She was a bit, rough to say the least. Too much open minded, aggressive at times (she's at second year law school, but does dominatrix shit for money as a side business), but in the end, i was relaxed, IDGAF, so i was just enjoying the night, analyzing her movements, her words, of course, but at the same time, just being there and learning from the talk. she was progressively moving the chair and leaning towards me more and more, an hr after, she wanted to move to another table, and when she sits, she tells me she wants to be close with the person she goes out, and she sits very close to me. At that moment, of course, i start a light kino on his hand, and end up hugging her by her waist, as she in only with a top brass, continuing my light kino on her side abs.

The talk was about a lot of things, i have a lot of anecdotes from events, travel, etc.. so i can easily start a conversation about anything and make a connection with people. easy peasy. almost never lost eye contact, i didn't managed the silence too well, i just went ahead with another subject, i should have just let the silence pass.

After 3 drinks from her part, i pay the bill and suggest to go to another place. I parked the car at 3 blocks away on purpose, so in the way there, we walked by me hugging her by the waist, she didn't reciprocated, but didn't took my hand away.

Second bar, we sit, is st. patrick's day so is full AF. She ask for a beer, she knows the bartender, i just say hi to everyone. At this point, she already has a leg over mine, i keep escalating kino, hair, shoulders, 30 min after, we are already making out at the bar, 2 legs over me, she is doing pelvic movements half on me and half on the chair hanging from my neck. Never lost eye contact in the next 2hs. we started to talk in english for fun (is not our primary language). That's when she said things like she is depressed, that she needs alcohol to free his mind, that she is having a great time with me, that loves how i squish her tights and waist, the softness in my hands and start, asking me if she is cute, if she is a wonderful person. I'm silent 80% of the time, having fun how a drunk girl is talking shit in english in an irish bar in st. patrick's, and to questions as if she is cute or wonderful, i just answer that she is ok, could be better or something similar, she answer to this that i hurt her feelings and then kiss me. Of course, after 2hs and the beer is almost gone, i say that we should go to a more quiet place, with more intimacy. That's when the ASD or the gold digger kicks in and she say no no no, she only has sex for money or for a spiritual connection. Yeah, sure. i just shrugged it off, she was going to the bathroom and asked me to order her another beer. i say that is enough, that i'm going out. then she choke me lightly and kiss me again, saying that she expects that the beer is going to be there when she comes back. Of course, i don't order the beer, and ask for the tab. I don't know what she made at the bathroom, but she comes back refreshed, like the night just started, not drunk at all (WTF). We grab our things, i'm a bit slower than her, so she goes out first. When we are out, i grab her by the waist and she reciprocated doing the same. Almost at the car, from nowhere, she makes out with me and say that she had a wonderful night. On the way to her home, she fondle with my head all the way there (i'm bald btw) and we say goodbye with a kiss again, that i should hit her up again soon.

Key points:
  • I was never nervous. i could shift during the night the conversation into sexual topics & spiritual ones, and started plus escalated kino easily whiteout me freaking out about it. I could maintain eye contact 90% of the time. I really had fun.
  • I paid for the whole night. Around $25 here, not much and i don't care, but that mixed that is a broken girl that needs alcohol or drugs to have fun, is why i'm not sure if she was actually interested or i was just a free night out.
  • I was too aloof, I was never leading. She choose the places to sit, she choke slightly as a way to show dominance. she moved on me as she wanted. Is not that i didn't enjoyed it, but i was too relaxed and i didn't lead.
  • This whole thing took 4hs. i need to manage better the silences and cut the time in half. dragged it too long.


I would say that this was a pyrrhic victory. I went out, had fun, k-close, i was in public kissing and fondle her body, something i never done before. I made some push - pull, i could sort of manage the silence's. But my greatest achievement is that i was not nervous at any time, i could apply trp whiteout problems. And it didn't bothered me at all that we didn't f-close. The main problem is that i didnt't lead, and the fact that this girl is broken and i pay for the night, make it almost like going with an escort, something that beats the purpose of all of this and can't be called dating / picking up girls.

I would go again with her? Sure, i had a blast. Plus, is a good practice grounds to try more things and see how far i can go. $25, i believe is pretty cheap fee to improve, go out and have more experience out in the field.
Practical guide for the professional success
Published 03/10/19 by disabledtrp [0 Comments]

Dunno why, but on sunday i feel inspired to write something here. Oh well, here it goes.

Let me give you some context about myself, as sustenance of the advice i'm trying to give here (if a fat guy gives you bodybuilding advice you will not follow them right? so, let's put a solid base that i know what i'm talking about).

Past: disabled since born, from a third world country, coming from a extreme poverty economical context.

Present: Still disabled, Business owner, middle class, blue collar formation, speak 3 languages, one of the referents in my industry, managing people and creating value everyday.

In my childhood and teen years, there was no TRP to look for advice, we didn't even had internet in our cellphones yet (56k modems was the best you could get). I lived an 80% of my life dealing with the imminent need of taking decisions about the survival of myself, my family or both (in economical or health terms). I started to work at 11yr old, selling stuff on the streets just to be able to eat. I had to take impossible decisions. So learnt thing like manipulation, frame, negotiation etc.. not only very early, but as a need to survive. I only had one 9 to 5 job in my life and i only lasted 3 months. I built my professional career all by myself.

So, what are the key points to go from point A to point B? That's what this post is about, let's define the main things you need to perfect for your professional success:


This is probably the key for everything in life. YOU MUST BUILD A STRONG FRAME.

What is the core of any frame? CONFIDENCE.

How you build confidence? BEING BETTER AT SOMETHING

Until now, i haven't say anything new right? here comes the phrase "Fake it until you make it" And i totally agree. But still, is fucking hard right? let me give you a hand at it:


The main problem with this baby boomers beta's or the 35+yr old that just went to high school or college and is in a dead end job divorced or in a dead bedroom, is that they never done anything outside the lifescript or the rutine. Your knowledge is not only very limited but also, useless. LACK IN ABUNDANCE OF KNOWLEDGE LEADS TO A WEAK FRAME. Of course that learning something from 0 takes time, but you can learn small things and data everyday about your surroundings that will help you not only build confidence, but also understand more of what is around you and how you can move in the turbulent waves easily. Get an anecdote from someone you don't know. Ask something interesting about the profession of someone you know (or even better, someone you don't know, like in a business that you are a regular for example). Learn why people does the thing they do, you never know where you can learn the next thing.Learn and explore you surroundings. OBSERVE. Travelling is awesome, but requires a budget. Still, there is probably a lot to discover at a bicycle or public transport distance (for example, i recently found a lake that was in crappy city near me, that no one goes and was a great anecdote of all the hassle to make it there. Something like that would give you enough material for the next social meeting, to start a conversation and ASK & LISTEN MORE.


There are 2 main ways to make money, the corporate ladder or the independent path. I can't talk about the corporate ladder much, i know you need formal education for it, and in my case, i couldn't do it at the time and at this point, i know 10 times more than a graduated of engineering, but i just don't have the damn paper to show it. I don't care, i just prove it in the field and DGAF.

But going to the practical part, the ideal scenario to make money as independent, is to just be the best in your industry & area and build rapport. But let's say that you are not the best, you can still make the same or more, if you can compensate in other areas:

SELL: Selling is an art by itself. if you built a very strong frame, selling could be an important add on to your life. You can describe selling as offering a product, but is a lot more than that. Selling is using the product, the context and the timing in your advantage. If you have an unique product, selling could be a bit easier, but if you have competence, you must identify the context and timing factors that could be an advantage for your product and make a selling strategy. Do you sell a service? make it cheaper, better or more accessible. You can't? outsource it and make a small margin whiteout putting time on it. You sell a product? Make it outstanding from the competence. If you have money for branding, do it. Push into the market with another purpose for it (not use, the use could be the same, but the purpose or the meaning could be different). Use social media amateurs to promote, but that are local or very focused to have a controlled ROI. You must always twist the product, the context or the reality itself to outstand. Here is where you are gonna put your machiavellian skill in use. Still, i recommend to lie the minimum at possible or not lie at all. Very few people can keep track of their lies in the long term, and if you are reading this my friend, you are very far from that point for now.

MASTER THE NEW OR THE VERY OLD: Is good to have a general culture of everything, know a bit about the news etc.. but you must master an area, profession or something at some point (the sooner the better). In my case, i mastered the new, all technology based creation of products (software & hardware). But still, mastering the old is a very good idea too. There are a tons of bank servers working on Cobol, a language programming that was invented in the beginning of the computation. You know how hard and how much someone pays for a just a junior willing to learn and do cobol? you will not believe it. This also applied to any other and more manual profession. Do something that there are very few person alive know how to do (and do it well). You can even teach others and multiply, and offering secure working conditions will make them loyal to you too (even on high demand). Be sure to find something you enjoy to do. The rule that to master something takes 10yr, is very true. Don't do something you don't enjoy for money. Doesn't worth your time.

COMMUNICATION IS KEY: With providers, clients, employees, etc.. communication is key. DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING TO INTERPRETATION. There are 2 reasons for this:

1) Employees and providers doesn't like to think. Is your job to foresee every problem and consequence in the future and in the implementation to do at hand. Of course, you can't see the future. But if you specify everything that needs to be done and what you expect as a result (being ridiculously specific if you can) can avoid 80% of the problems that could come up

2) Clients look for holes to take advantage of you. So, don't leave holes at all. Write everything. In messages, emails, contracts. Even if you agreed something verbally, just send an email to the client with exactly the same content, with an organization excuse and ask for confirmation.

The next kind of communication is that networking is very important. even if it doesn't look like important now, just talk with everyone, and relate with your business, even on non related social gatherings. Doing it at a kids birthday is wrong. Doing at a neighbors meeting or BBQ is good. The best method is to use a funny or interesting anecdote about your business that everyone can understand or even better, have a laugh about it. Unless you are doing networking to make new clients, why you have working capacity that is not being profitable, don't make it a priority. Just integrate it into your everyday social encounter. Go to conferences about your industry when you can, that also helps a lot..

DO NOT STOP. ALWAYS LOOK WAYS TO BUILD WEALTH: This is black pill but at this point, and in the current state of things, i believe that the only real end goal in life is to build wealth. When you can always pay for sex and company very cheap in half of the world, where hypergamy prevent you from the guarantee that an LTR is going to be loyal, where the friends come and go, for money, for partners, for social status etc.. Money is the only asset that you can exchange for everything at this point. Even if you want to pickup girls at bars, you still need the hard cash to do it (to even have the free time and logistics to go out, i don't say to pay for the night). If you mastered something, try to delegate and just control the production/profits. Try a side business. Enter into a new industry. Invest in long term real state. Move to a cheaper country. Investigate about offshore's companies. As much as you can generate, the better. Of course that all work and no fun is going to become hard, but the satisfaction of having a chunk of money in your bank account and that you can go out any weekend, with or whiteout your friends, pay for a VIP girl etc.. That kind of freedom make it all worthwhile.

That's all that comes to my mind really, that i believe are the key points to take in consideration. Still, take it with a grain of salt, like everything in this site. Wish you the best my fellow TRP'ers!

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