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The Normie Threshold
Published 04/25/17 by GayLubeOil [0 Comments]

Every subject matter has a certain threshold beyond which people of average intellegence, can no longer participate easily.

Let's use Math as an example. Almost everyone can master multiplication addition subtraction and division. Simple algebra isn't a problem for most people and niether is geometry or trigonometry. However, things start to get dicey at around calculus.

Calculus is when the university lecture hall starts becoming more Asian and less female. If you make it past integrals into advanced mathematics only the really hardcore nerds remain and only a handful of women.

The same phenomena is present at every subject matter. Science starts with making baking soda vinegar volcanoes in kindergarten and ends with extracting mouse brains. English starts with phonetics in grade school and ends with linguistics. You get the point.

The Red Pill has been around since 2013. The Manosphere has been around since the internet. It's pretty safe to say that we have thoroughly answered the question of how to get sex from women. We also figured out how to cultivate masculinity. How to pass simple shit tests. All of the simple actionable practical advice has been given.

What remains are complex nuanced topics with limited to zero practical application. Topics that have room for exploration include. Relationship negotiation strategies. How cognitive filters aka The Matrix is created and maintained. Cultural differences in game. How virtual constructs influence sexual behavior. The list of subjects goes on forever becoming more nuanced and less applicable the further it does.

The problem is that the person of average intellegence is a pragmatist. Average people have simple straightforward jobs where they follow a protocol and rarely if ever improvise. In fact they have no interest in new ways of doing things. If something works they will do it forever without asking why. Average people don't care about theory. When things get too complex average people skip over the complex bits and focus on what they understand.

At the end of the day The Red Pill has some very intelligent writers: doctors lawyers, high level corporate executives. We have the human capital and the brain power to produce new insightful content for quite sometime. The problem is that the farther we go the more Normies we are going to leave behind.

Nobody Gives a Fuck About Your List
Published 04/05/17 by GayLubeOil [2 Comments]

One of the oldest Manosphere traditions is to write a laundry list of things men need to do in order to become Alpha. Lift! Be Confident! Abundance Mentality! Game! Hygene! Here's an interesting thing to think about: Who is the intended audience for your list?

Well let me answer that question for you my dear gentilesir, if you are posting your magic list to the Red Pill your audience is the 18-23 year old ADHD Masterbation crew. Now really think about this demographic.

Pretend for a minute that we took your magic list and read it to an 18 year old man child. Lift! Frame! Abundance! What would happen? What would be the compliance rate. Well it would be zero.

Because your list is generating Zero emotional investment. Man Children allready have tons of people telling them what to do: Teachers, Parents, Prostitutes in Jerkoff instructional videos. Frankly they are overload with advice. They are paralized. In order for your advice to be followed it has to feel better than noscoping a noob at bomb site B.

Everyone already knows generally what they should be doing. So if you are going to write the millionth list at least romanticise it. These boys are looking for meaning. Create meaning for them so they have a reason to emotionally invest in self improvement.

Convince them that folding their clothes is Alpha, because Navy Seals fold their clothes. Make lifting into a spiritual journey. Talking to women should feel like a psychological adventure. It's not hard. They are young. They get excited very easily.

At the end of the day all writing is persuasion and that goes double at TRP. Bullet points arnt persuasive. You are writing for men not coding a database. Sell your ideas to your audience. Or just go back to communicating with no regard for your audience, because that's litteraly what Retards and Autists do.

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