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The Indefinite Quantity
Published 02/22/17 by GayLubeOil [3 Comments]

After bingeing on cheap Tinder dick for years, used up carousel rider Alana Massey wrote: dick is cheap and abundant. And you know what? She is absolutely right. Women can get express dick delivery with about the same ease and convenience as a Domino's Pizza. The Sexual Marketplace is a buyer's market if you are buying dick.

This presents a problem for the fine gentlemen of Red Pill because we are in the business of selling dick. How do you sell dick in a market that is flooded with cheap abundant dick of all shapes sizes and colors? I'll give you a minute to think about all of those dicks and how you are going to defeat them with your dick. No homo.

Dick is no different than any other commodity. Just because the market is flooded doesn't mean you can't sell at a high price. How do you sell carrots at $4 a pound when the market price is ยข50 a pound? You sell organic carrots. How do you sell coffee at $3.50 a cup when every donut shop and fast food restaurant is selling at $1.50? You brand the coffee. You make the coffee more than just coffee you make it Starbucks. Starbucks is about being cool. Starbucks is about helping Amazonian forrest children. Starbucks is about expressing your individuality with peppermint sprinkles and caramel swirls. Women especially the college age women TRP is so fond of don't buy $1.50 coffee. They buy $3.50 Starbucks. That's the power of brand.

Sounds great! So how do you rebrand your gas station coffee dick into Starbucks brand name shlong? Before we can delve into the specifics of marketing your personal penis product, you need to have a general working knowledge of marketing.

Every commodity whether intellectual, physical or ideological is comprised of a Definite Quantity and an Indefinite Quantity. In the case of Starbucks the Definite Quantity is the coffee. The Indefinite Quantity is the altruism of saving Forest Children, being trendy and the universal comfortable feeling that each storefront provides. Cars are marketed via Definite Quantity: physical features, and their Indefinite Quantity: the status associated with ownership. Finally, the Red Pill's as an ideological commodity is comprised of a Definite Quantity: it's practical advice, and an Indefinite Quantity: the transgressive feeling of being a ShitLord.

If you think back to the years of advertising that you have consumed, you will realize that each and every product you were pitched was sold through its Definite and Indefinite Quantities. Here is the major takeaway. Men generally place greater importance on the Definite Quantity and Women generally focus more on the Indefinite. Men, both gay and straight want sex. Women want romance. Men want features. Women want style. Men want solutions. Women want support.

The biggest mistake men make when selling dick to women is selling the Definite Quantity instead of the Indefinite. Women will gladly fuck a wierd looking celebrity over a hot Chad. Whereas men would prefer sex with a hot half retarded waitress over Madonna. Women don't think like men, so stop selling them dick as if they are men. That's what we call solipsism.

In conclusion it's not what you say to a woman it's what you portray to a woman. She wants a status symbol, a brand to give her vapid existance meaning. To her you are no different than a purse or a pair of shoes. Women don't love you they love the idea of you. So stop explaining features, offering discounts and negotiating. You are an exclusive brand. If she's not interested in buying your Versace Dick, she can buy some Walmart Dick. Nothing personal. Nothing to get upset over. She can show Wallmart Willie off to her friends and family because she's a Walmart kind of girl. You don't give a fuck.

If you still don't understand the art of selling the Indefinite Quantity, you can always learn from those who make a living doing it. Visit a Rolex dealership and start shit testing. Tell them that their product is overrated and how cheap and abundant Chinese knockoffs are. Explain how unfair the price is. Tell them about all the watches you have. Threaten to leave. If Rolex can sell the Indefinite Quantity so can you.

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The Blue Pill Reloaded
Published 01/13/17 by GayLubeOil [2 Comments]

Everything is simple within the Blue Pill consciousness. Those guys getting laid are assholes. The women sleeping with them are confused. I am going to find my soul mate. The guys getting promoted are assholes. If I work hard the company will reward me. In the future everything is going to be great. I need a house mortgage and wife to be happy. Communication is the key to a healthy marriage. Who am I to tell wifey how to spend our money? She made a mistake but we can work through this. Everything is going to be fine in the end.

Its a sedative. Because no matter how hard you are getting fucked in the ass, everything will be ok, if you lay down and continue to let everyone fuck you in the ass. Eventually getting fucked in the ass is all you know. After all, everyone else is getting their asses fucked. So you just kind of grow to accept it. "I hate Mondays," you tell yourself as your dreams slip away and your asshole gets stretched to goatse proportions.

The problem with the Red Pill is that it takes the sedative from you. Everything is not okay. Everything is not going to be fine in fact it's getting worse. You don't want to end up like everyone else. This is your life and it is being taken from you.

You were happy in the prison of Blue Pill consciousness because you didnt know that it was a prison. But now you do. Which means now you have to figure out how to escape. The Red Pill creates a massive burden of performance. Not only do you have to escape but you must also learn to function effectively outside of the prison.

Anything is possible with hard work, determination and planning. You can have the body you want. The women you want. The job and the money you want. All of those things have allready been achieved millions of times by men lesser than you.

Unfortunately no amount of cute 600 word essays can help you. Sure they can create a temporary minimal awareness. But in the end only you can save you. Only you can figure out how to rescue yourself from your unique mental prison and how to create a life afterwords.

No amount of edgy bro writings can change the parreto principle, or Biological determinism or fate or what Jefferson called the inevitably of Natural Aristocracy. Your only hope is to save yourself by the grace of your own will, but even then your chances are small. Men are equally as delusional as women and you are not a special snowflake.

The task at hand is so daunting that most will chose to reload the Blue Pill. They'll say that being a leader of men isn't necessary to being an Alpha Male. They'll claim that physical actualization isn't important. They'll claim to be in monk mode while in reality being in masturbation procrastion mode. They'll claim that masculinity isn't about having sex with women. They will reject every classic objective measure of masculinity that has ever existed, so that they can reload their Blue Pill programing and lie to themselves instead of changing themselves.

Welcome back. Welcome to the Blue Pill. You never left. Everything is not going to be okay.

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