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The Case Against Stoicism
Published 08/15/17 by GayLubeOil [3 Comments]

First off I'd like to preface this by saying I enjoy the Stoic philosophy, apply it in my personal life and think that Marcus Aurelius is a cool dude. I have absolutely nothing against the Stoic philosophy and believe it to be a great fit for some people. Stoicism probably works best for those who prefer impersonal assessment to personal. In other words Stoicism is a great fit for thinkers and less so for feelers. Personaly I see myself as an obsessive thinker and inept borderline retarded at feeling.

Now obviously, the easy thing for us thinkers to do is to get in a big circle with our fellow thinkers and jerk each other off to how much better we are then the feelers. However before we all collectivly drop our trousers and grab our cognitively similar friend's dicks, we should ask ourselves an important question: Is thinking always better than feeling?

Remember that time you over thought it and didn't talk to the girl? What about the time you lost your errection because you were analyzing a girls interior desighn rather then feeling the moment. How about your general lack of sympathy and inability to relate to people. If you are thinker some of this probably applies to you. If you are a feeler less of it does.

Thinking and feeling can be advantageous or disadvantagous depending on the situation. Both personality traits exist for a reason and you do not get to choose which one you are.

What I'm saying is that if you are a man like Kanye, who is impulsive and does what feels right like interrupting Taylor swift, then Stoicism probably isn't going to work for you. Your mind wasn't desighned for that framework. Sure you can try it in the same way that a midget can try basketball. But a midget will never excell at basketball. A midget can be a great jockey but never a great point guard.

My point is the Manosphere and the self improvement community at large has a lot of advice, templates and models. A lot of is going to work for you and a lot of it isn't. That's fine. Men are wired differently. Not everything works for everyone and that's okay. Figure out what systems work best and just do that. And to all the feelers reading this, I just wanna say that I definitely understand your pain. But I sure as fuck can't feel any of it.

The Unknowability of Beta Turd
Published 08/03/17 by GayLubeOil [5 Comments]

An Alpha Asshole is a stone. His shape and properties are easily determined and do not change depending on his surroundings. You might not like a particular stone. It might not fit your particular stone criteria. However your assessment will in no way impact the stone. You can yell at, bite or kick the stone. The stone will remain unchanged.

In contrast, a Beta Nice Guy is a moist turd. Beta Turds take the shape of whatever stepped on them last. Their entire existence is contextual. When a woman goes on a date with a Beta Turd all of her questions will be met with attempts to conform to her expectations. At no point will she be able to get a solid definitive response from mushy turd man because Beta Turds are conformists.

This dynamic creates a crisis of authenticity. Not only is it difficult for people to definitively know Beta Turd but Beta Turds don't even know who they are themselves. Let's use Paul Elam a man who I personally believe to be the *Creme De La Creme* of Beta Turd as an example. Paul Elam spent years writing articles discussing masculinity and the uncaring manipulative nature of women. Then one day a pretty blond girl named Cassie Jay gave Paul Elam a call about a Red Pill Movie. Next thing you know, Paul Elam has thrown masculinity out the window and is crying on camera begging women to sympathize with his problems. So the question is: Who really is Paul Elam? What does he really believe? Does he think that women are manipulative whores incapable of empathy? Or does he believe that women should empathize with men's issues? He's taken both positions. Which one does he actually believe? Does he even know? All we can say conclusively is that Paul Elam is a mushy turd.

There is something inherently unpleasant and disconcerting about mushy Turd Men. The unnerving feeling is felt strongest by women who are naturally more suspicious then men due to their biological aversion to risk. Imagine you are a woman and your Beta husband hands you a dozen roses while telling you he loves you. Now did he *really* do it out of love or did he do it to manipulate you into sex? Is he apologizing for something? Is he going to ask for something in return? The inherent anxiety of unknowability destroys the feeling those roses could have created. Now imagine that you are a woman and that your uncaring Alpha jerkboy boyfriend just gave you a dozen roses. He isn't manipulating you into sex because he can cock blast your ladyhole whenever he wants. He isn't trying to influence your emotions because he doesn't give a fuck how you feel. He did it because he wanted to. When an Alpha gives roses they are roses. When a Beta gives roses they are a pretext.

The Manosphere mythos is that Alpha Jerkboys give women tingles. Discussion of the female perspective usually ends there, before the pity party starts playing it's greatest hits. The truth is far darker and more interesting. Women know themselves to be emotional impulsive and a danger to themselves. They know that without a man holding them accountable they are capable of anything from binging uncontrollably like a wild dog to giving themselves a Britney Spears haircut. The problem is that a Beta Turd can't tell a woman no. Like a child he is powerless to stop a woman from doing anything that she wants because he needs her approval to function. A Beta can't stop a woman from becoming her worst version of herself. Women know this and hate them for it.

Beta males are unreliable, undependable and unknowable. They'll tell you all about their fitness and diet regimen to gain your approval then they'll skip the gym and eat a burrito when you are safely out of sight. They'll let their wives and daughters slide deeper and deeper into degeneracy without saying a word. For a Beta it's easier to watch wifey choke on strange dick and daughter cam-whore herself then protect the dignity of the family with a firm No!

There is nothing noble or enviable about Beta Turds. They are not men. Men have thoughts, convictions and values that are held fast and only change for good reason. Betas are nothing more then what their environment tells them to be. Beta Turds deserve only suffering. Only suffering can teach a Beta to stand up for himself and say: No! Until you learn that lesson the stomping will go on indefinetly.

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