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Published 12/13/18 by gmorales2 [0 Comments]

With everything that's happened to me lately one of the main points that provides me comfort is the fact that I've been through worse. I've been forcibly detained in a mental health clinic, while I was in the Army. I had a nervous breakdown after I came back from Afghanabanabingbong. That's a real word. Look it up. Anyway, that was curbside service in terms of feeling like a miserable piece of shit and it stretched out until I got back home. This situation that I'm in now sucks, but it could always be worse. It could always be better too, but oh well. Every learning curve is never without some bumps and bruises. I just never saw it coming but I usually don't. However, I am lucky in the sense that I was handed sage advice.

My kids. One biological and one not. Yeah, I was cuckolded. Guilty as charged. I raised another man's kid and at the time I thought he was one of my best friends. Wrong again. I still love the kid that's not biologically mine. I'd love nothing more than to have permanent and regular visitation rights to him, but that's just not the situation. Legal rights are what they are. They're both great kids. Two boys. Got lucky with that one too.

Published 12/12/18 by gmorales2 [0 Comments]

My house. I've been cleaning and trying to repair my house, because after my 9-year LTR relationship ended the house was a pit of trash and overall mess. The house itself has come a long way. I still need to clean the shed. My next project is going to be towing my motorcycle over to a mechanic I've worked with in the past and pay him to start fixing it. My ex's old Jeep is still stuck in my driveway that I bought years ago.

It feels great to be rid of her for now and if I relax enough I can almost forget that all of this drama started in the first place. I've been spending more time on self-love. However, the house is too big for just me and now that I've swallowed the red pill I don't plan on going back to an LTR. I just want to spin plates and raise my boys. Eventually, I'll sell the house and continue to rid myself of certain pieces of my previous life that nearly killed me. There's still a lot I've yet to put into practice. Right now my armor against all of the other women I work with is to ignore them unless they do something that pleases me.

I'm surrounded by a few other guys that drink their Kool-Aid. Our custodian for the office is every woman's Kleenex when they wish to gossip and he listens attentively. EDIT** There's nothing wrong with being a custodian. My father was a custodian for the majority of my life. He even talks shit about me with the other girls. How do I know? I overheard them one day talking about me. I'm more Alpha than he is and he has to flex his beta-game. I'm 6'5 and I practice MMA. I've even had five Amateur bouts. I have one other male co-worker that puts pussy on a pedestal. He throws other men under the bus every chance he gets and this coincides nicely with the female imperative making it easier for the women I work with to exert and maintain their sense of power. I work right next to another woman a few years older than me that's pretty weak genetically.

Prone to colds and sickness and likes to drink, because she seems to think that she's still in her twenties. However, she's married to a beta-male that provides x, y, and z for her and puts up with her behavior, so this leads her to think that she can treat other men like she treats her husband, because why not? Today's society makes this launchpad fairly easy to catapult from. Female power is toxic and leads to nowhere (the hamster). I stay in my frame and continue to build it with the newfound tools I've acquired. Tonight, I'll go to MMA practice and continue to cultivate and harness my own way.

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