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Just ignore her for a while
Published 04/15/19 by Heathcliff [1 Comments]

It’s really not that hard.

Problems with your girl? She’s acting up? Getting all bitchy? Refusing your advances?

You could talk to her about it, have a heart to heart. Rationalise and explain. Come to a mutual understanding.

You could buy her flowers and apologise.

Or you could ignore her. Two weeks of phone silence. Let her calls go to voicemail. Don’t leave her on “read”, don’t even open the messages. Go lift or something.

Pop back in after a while, like nothing happened, exactly how it was before, no explanations for why you were gone, no butthurt. “I was busy”.

She’s back to her old self, whatever was bothering her mysteriously forgotten. She’ll be overjoyed, happy to see you, start sucking your dick again finally.

Oh, embarrassed yourself in front of that girl. Got AMOGed by some dude in front of her? Fucked it up with a sure-thing? Bad breath, betad out? Gave her a lame first bang?

You could try to win back her affection. Keep texting her. See how it goes.

You could hard next and never speak to her again. Give up, move on.

Or you could ignore her for a while. Don’t follow up, entirely disappear. Forget about her. 3 months later, slide back into her inbox, pick up where you left off, as if nothing happened. “Going to a party Friday night you free?”

She’ll have forgotten everything. After half a year of new dick and new drama, any fuckup or embarrassment will be erased, lost in the past. Their memories are short, their attention span shorter. You’ve hit the refresh button, time for your second shot.

Good plate? Sweet girl, satisfies you sexually and emotionally? Get along with her well, treats you like royalty, never gives you any drama?

Ignore her for a while. Maybe half a year. You don’t need an excuse, just disappear. Go game other girls, don’t get complacent. Ignore her frantic calls and texts, make her think she’s lost you forever. She’ll stress all night for weeks over what she did to screw up, truth is, she didn’t do anything to deserve it; you’re just messing with her.

You have abundance, you have other options, more important things to do. She doesn’t really mean that much to you. So remind her of it. With your actions.

Is it mean? Yeah. So what? You’ve got to be the drama that makes the relationship exciting. Gotta give her the ups and downs, the thrills and the anxiety. Familiarity breeds contempt. Don’t get too comfortable with each other, drop her for no reason, be mean, be the guy she cries about to her friends and orbiters.

It’s worth it, even just for the squeal of delight she gives when you finally call again.

Your attention is the only bargaining power you have with these women. She needs your focus and time just like you need that warm pink spot between her legs.

At any point, withdrawing your attention entirely will give you absolute leverage in any dealings you have with her. By cutting off any contact, you make all her weapons and techniques ineffective and moot. She can’t bitch or nag at you if you’re literally not listening. She can’t give you an ultimatum if you’re not there to hear it. She can’t trick you with sex and affection if she can’t get her hands on you.

They hate this so much because they know it’s incredibly effective. It infuriates yet turns them on. You have just neutralised all the power she has, shown her that you have abundance and she’s replaceable, and taught her that you’re totally fine without her. There’s no better way to communicate that she doesn’t really mean that much to you. You are doing her a favour by being with her and you can rescind that privilege at any time and without any trouble or drama.

And it terrifies them.

Do this often. Don’t be afraid to. It never fails.


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