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On Female Solipsism and Larval Intellect.
Published 06/09/20 by INNASKILLZ2K20 [1 Comments]

So I made a mistake. Broke a golden rule. I presented some logic and intellectual straight-talk to a plate.

This girl has a tendency to ‘think deeply’ and present her ‘profound’ thoughts on social media. She will instruct the world on the benefits of forgiveness, the power of ‘loving yourself’, and basically lead her list of agreeable beta Facebook males on her ‘inordinate understanding of human psychology’. Yes, a self proclaim psychological master. Who has never heard of Carl Jung, might I mention. Ah, the five-year old runs thick.

So, she happened to mention the power of forgiveness and letting go of resentment. With a wonderful quote that ‘forgiveness sets you free’. Omg, when is her first book coming?

So, stupidly in a tired state I answered. The conversation lead to her writing something along the lines of ‘there is a theory that everything will choose to return to it’s least energetic state. Forgiveness and resentment take the least energy. So next time, give yourself a break, have fun, and forgive’. Yaaaaayyyy, look how smart I am.

I agreed with her that it’s a good plan (you have to humour people some times. Stupidly, though, I challenged her theory of ‘returning to least energy’. I decided to mention thermodynamics, energy not disappearing but transmuting, mental alchemy and the Jungian process of reintegration. All with a metaphysical spin.

What the fuck was I doing? Sometimes we do dumb shit. However, I was extremely fun, encouraging and non-confrontational, even if completely retarded.

Her response was something about Whales being huge and swallowng much of the ocean, but even Whales don’t know about mountain tops, and that I should remember that when I think I know everything.

Remember, this is a girl so interested in knowledge and ideas. Well, HER knowledge and ideas.

So, never being a man to take a total loss, I saw an opportunity to further understand female solipsism, solipsism in general and Timothy Leary’s explanation of ‘Larval’ intellect.

Here is some definitions;

Solipsism is the position in Metaphysics and Epistemology that the mind is the only thing that can be known to exist and that knowledge of anything outside the mind is unjustified. It is a skeptical hypothesis, and leads to the belief that the whole of reality and the external world and other people are merely representations of the individual self, having no independent existence of their own, and might in fact not even exist.

Methodological Solipsism is the epistemological thesis that the individual self and its mental states are the sole possible or proper starting point for philosophical construction. Therefore, all other truths must be founded on indisputable facts about an individual's own consciousness.

The larval has no interest in you, you do not exist, unless you can hook into Hir limited reality-island, transmit on Hir narrow mind-band, unless your behavior offers meaning in terms of possible benefit or threat to Hir:

Larvals do not like to receive information unless the facts fit into their 3rd Circuit reality net and immediately reward their emotional status. Democrats were delighted to hear the facts about Nixon, but Republicans were irritated and resistant.

In communicating with larvals about sexual, philosophic, or ethical matters, one enters very dangerous terrain. It is almost impossible to discuss philosophy with yokels. Hypocrisy, unconscious motivation, irrational paradox, need for approval and fear-of-shame dominate every discussion of philosophy-religion.

See, women truly only care about the contents of their own mind. They do not give a shit about yours, or usually anyone else’s for that matter.

Their minds, and the ‘deep well of knowledge’ that springs when they delve into the shapeless feminine mind is the ONLY starting point for any form of philosophy. More than that, their minds, it’s contents, HER thoughts are the beginning, middle and end of ANYTHING important.

They often do not divulge their thoughts because they want intellectual discussion, to expand ideas and explore other’s minds.

The divulge their thoughts, in order to attract EMOTIONAL FEEL-GOOD from the world.
It manifests as ‘look at what I think!!!’ ‘Now tell me it is amazing and give me validation!!!! Weeeeee woooo!’

Of course, all her agreeable and pathetic betas tell her in unison how ‘intelligent, amazing and wise’ she is. She gives all of their comments a ‘love’ emoji thing.

Women are not only solipistic, they create a whole new school of solipsim. One I call ‘validation blacketh holeist vacuum solipsism’.

Not only does she ONLY care about the contents of her own mind, she will be transparent about those contents so much as they will suck the validation and praise of beta males.

Her mind and it’s superficial depths become a black hole, sucking the life of all beta minds around it.

Female solipsism is a synergistic system, telepathically latching onto the minds of beta orbiters. It spews her mental phenomena, attaches to her orbiter’s admiration, sucks their praise toward her, which feeds her mind, forming more ‘deep’ thinking, which pours forth in order to start the process again. Shit. Maybe female solipsism in action is a perpetual motion machine.

However, when a man expands her ideas, challenges some and offers his own, he is shamed as ‘thinking he knows everything’.

Solipsism breeds ego defense.

Solipsism is a hall-mark of a larval intellect. They DO NOT want your input. They do not GIVE A SHIT about the contents of your mind. Like all Larvals, their ‘philosophical’ ideas may appear as enthusiastic. They will say they are interested in ideas, psychology, thought. ‘Look at meeee and my thinking, I so love thoughts!!!!’

Remember, it is really a sucking vacuum of a black-hole. The moment you show your own intellectual star, your own supernova she will jump to a solipsistic defense. Other people’s mind are a threat to her. Differing ideas, opinions and thoughts either do not exist, or are a threat to the perceived beauty of her mind and the praise it assures her.

Like a larval, she will only ever possibly be interested in your mind if she perceives that she can use your mind for one of her needs.

She is ONLY interested in HER MIND. She is only interested in being PRAISED for HER MIND. She ONLY gives a shit about YOUR mind as much as she can manipulate it to give her praise.

This is a vital thing to understand. Understanding solipsism and larval intellect allows a deep understanding of their manifestation in female behaviours. It helps to not get butt-hurt when they don’t give a fuck about your intellect, and helps you not engage in intellectual posturing. It’s enjoyable to sit back with amused mastery, watching her little solipstic larval nature shine.

Females minds are self-serving, self-interested holes. Almost always, their ‘intellectual’ moments of inspiration (usually on social media) are never about the thoughts they contain. They are NOT an invitation for ANYBODY to profess their own thoughts. Their moments of thought-spew are secretly veiled in a secret dimensional force of machiavellian intention.

Praise me, praise me, praise me….make me feeeeeeeel gooooood!

Laugh, pat her on the head, and make her feel like she’s earned a gold star. No matter how fucking retarded she is.

Beware false prophets and Spiritual fucktards.
Published 05/21/20 by INNASKILLZ2K20 [0 Comments]

Ok. So we have any understanding of modernism, liberalism and 'freedom of do whatever the fuck you want, you little economic unit you', you'll see the forces of terrible philosophical structures running thier destructive fingers through everything. It's horrible, and it makes me sad. We destroyed the power, grace and brilliant of humans in exchange of technology. Why cultivate humanity when you can replace with robots?

I digress. I have decided to keep adding to my blog. Evola and spirit has shifted my perspectives from passively consuming old redpill stuff, to becoming an ever presently challenging men to think outside of the square. A paradigm shift has allowed me to move from effect, to cause.

Quick thoughts today on spirituality. Seeing as the older redpill was hinged on fucking women as a wa to manhood and masculinity, and the byproduct of, it casually sends everthing else asculine to the bins of generalization and aimlessness'.

We can write you a thousand repetitive guides on holding frame and spinning plates. The rest; our mission, reading, spirituality, work, we'll just put that in the 'well that's up to you, brah'. And as such, young men are thrown to a mass of new-age, superficial solutions in every aspect of their life. We were once endued with the spirit of Apollo. We had the power to carefully plan, detail, execute holistic forays in all areas of society.

Today, spirituality. Who the fuck are all these normy little faggots on the Reddit sub, with their 'oh man, I recently discovered dis awesome app with some guided meditation.I'm doing 15 minutes a day. You know, so I can hold frame. Self-development RedPill homie dawg', 'Eckhart Tolle, Jordan Peterson spiritual masters y'aallll!'.

Get fucked. Fuck off. Go order a Big Mac, supersized meal with a side of 'open my third eye 'cuz it's cool brah, I'm so Buddhist'.

This is totally my own experience. I am extremely careful to avoid any new age spiritualism. It's a disgrace and disgusting. The ONLY more recent stuff I have any interest in is some thing the Freemasons were doing, and Mindfulness. Even then I am careful. In this day and age, we're not going to find many Buddhist monks around who can take us through the original doctrines of attachment, from duhkha to nirvana. A 'dry' path.

Mindfulness, if done as a proper process with teachers trained at proper institutions has been powerful for me. It's a good accessible way to begin training the self to witness the perceived 'I', from the state of Consciousness. A very light, very accessible tiny pathway which can help begin a self-awareness path. Let it be known I am not endorsing Mindfulness as a doctrine, an answer or a total spiritual practice. It is training wheels on training wheels, but it's like just lifting the bar before you can handle real weights.

Freemasonry was doing some pretty crazy esoteric stuff during the time of Evola. They have some very distant practices as an off-shoot of Hermetics.

But that is it. It in terms of anything more recent.

Spirituality has very defined, long traditional pathways of action. Guys today who see technology as literal God think everything presented in an app of Facebook group is new and sudden realization.

I am beginning to discovering deeper traditional paths of transcendence. Both wet and dry, right and left hand. I am sure I will come nothing close to the times they were formed, but it's a huge passion. It's a world of spirit and Absolute so enticing and rich. Without tradition, people have absolutely no idea what the fuck they are talking about. It's jumping into a lake and staying standing in the corner. 'Oh, look at the pretty water against me', with no idea of the currents of oceans of waves which have contributed to it.

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