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Money Matters
Where I Am Today
Published 12/13/18 by LosingMoneyAllDay [0 Comments]

M. 27. Toronto.
More than halfway finished a trade. Net worth: 125k
Home, car, LTR.
Building a cottage.

Where I want to be:

End of 2019:

Net worth of minimum 165k
Finished concrete pour on cottage
Had drum lessons
Join a MMA gym, upgrade from standard FitForLess
Finally break 180 lbs. Upward

Long Term:

Financially Independent by 40.
Scuba/Ski/Golf as hobbies.
2 Kids.

Goals are important to write down. By writing them down, I am holding myself accountable for the progress that I need to make.
Everyday, try to improve 1%. 1% everyday compounds incredibly fast.


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