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Osamasgoat 's Blog
Published 12/15/18 by Osamasgoat [0 Comments]

The western world is full of mediocre people wasting their time debating about other mediocre people and normie problems. Whether it’s the cuckservaties sucking tranny dick or libtards preaching their mediocre egalitarianism. Society, politics and the media are intertwined; serving a materialistic agenda. In the arab world this doesn’t really happen because we’re too busy praying on our carpets, hijacking planes with box cutters and trying out new suicide vests. However, there is a way to escape this downward spiral of mediocrity which they don’t teach at normie school. It's called Apoliteia.

To internalize Apoliteia you must disregard everything that is politics and the media today, you have to simply treat it as a joke. You are not driven or limited by any moral beliefs, you don’t need an inner identification with the cause. Start reading difficult books that question the narrative surrounding your perceived reality. Some good places to start range from Foucault, Baudrillard, Zizek and Evola. Once you start internalizing these facts start subverting your will on normies and you will quickly notice normies blerting out globohomo dominant ideology to shut you down.

Or you can submit to the globohomo agenda and live everyday like everyone else. That's the only other alternative available. As shakespeare said hundreds of years ago: "To be a cuck or not to be, that is the question."


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