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Weaponizing Truth
Published 09/16/19 by RPFerro [0 Comments]

In an empire of lies the Truth is powerful, so 'the powers that be' hide it away from the proles. Most people will do what is easy. By making Truth difficult to attain and painful to understand, the Network is able to herd the proles into intentionally designed patterns of thought and behavior, creating a self-contained feedback loop.

The unaware prole is stuck in a dream-state but because new information usually doesn't enter their loop, they stay under control. Even if new information is introduced and recognized, there is a process of understanding and frame reevaluation that must occur, which can be uncomfortable. Thus, setting or changing the minds of proles within a certain loop becomes much easier for the Network than having to convince disparate groups or many individuals.

Published 09/14/19 by RPFerro [0 Comments]

It doesn't matter which (state) faction a person supports within the Matrix, they are all equally controlling.

Favorite tactics: The CCP suppresses information. Russia uses over-saturation of info and intentional misdirection so everyone is confused. The US controls which info is released and only allows coverage of info which supports an established narrative.

Tbf, there is plenty of blame to go around. The US invented Game Theory and decided to apply it to ppl. The Russians invented social engineering on a mass scale. The Chinese pioneered mind control. And now, they all copy one another. It's the same situation, but different names and faces. For more info, check out Adam Curtis documentaries.

The Game is designed to be as painful and heartbreaking as possible. If a prole starts to venture from the NPC flock, the controllers will try to steer them back under control. The Network already knows what a person likes and dislikes based on their consumption habits and social media history. They use this data to build a profile about every single person. If a person exists, there is a data file about them.

Remember, in order to get a business license and succeed, a company must be government compliant. And if the company is particularly interesting to a government, they must work under governmental cooperation. Since companies can easily access any person's data profile, you can be assured that the government can as well.

With the Network, there is zero privacy.

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