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RPMoxie's Blog: A New Principled Approach to Red Pill Regimen
First Post in RP Community using a simple primer: MUSIC
Published 12/09/18 by RPMoxie [0 Comments]

Hello all, and welcome to my blog. I have been meaning to start one for quite some time now, but I was introduced to RP philosophy just 6 months ago, and wanted to wait until I had a firm enough grasp on its tenets before I started contributing my two cents. Hopefully, however, in time those two cents grow ever more valuable as they compound with action.

I want to start this blog with an observation that begs a question. The other day I discovered what I consider to be the only truly Red Pill work of music I have ever heard. I'm certain there must be more out there, or perhaps there are RP message-laden songs that were produced before RP philosophy distilled the language to describe them, but this is the first instance I have encountered that seems irrefutably Red Pill BY DESIGN. (For the record, I recommend reading the lyrics standalone first, in addition to listening to the song.)

The song is called Medicine (Acoustic) by Robinson. Link:

It is sung by a woman, and when I looked up the writing credits she is listed first, followed by Matthew Holmes, Phil Leigh, and Max McElligott. This I'm not entirely sure what to make of, I just wanted to include that information for the reader's consideration. Either way, this song--no, this entire PRODUCTION--smacks of Red Pill language, sentiment, and ideology. (More on that in a future post, but I suspect many of you will notice right away what I'm talking about.) This may be a sign that our ideas are leaking out into the mainstream. I would wager my life savings that whoever wrote this song did not spend hours reading RP forums or researching the ideas we promote and discuss, so in essence what I believe we have here is a sort of Red Pill Roofie effect.

I have been trying to spread awareness of RP philosophy and have found myself up against tremendous opposition from almost everyone. I expected this at the outset, I just had no idea how strongly held their beliefs were, in opposition to our own provocative ideas. I have discovered, as so many others have, that talking about these things is pretty much equatable to social demonization and castigation. Therefore I concluded for myself that the best way to "dose" others is by slipping it to them without their knowledge. Don't admit to doing this, EVER!

Side note** Made the mistake once with a friend who was beginning to come onboard, and upon learning that I had been "drugging" them with this philosophy they immediately turned their back on it, and on me. It was as if a friend had cancer and you'd secretly been giving them chemotherapy, and even though their cancer was being treated and signs of improvement were palpable, they stopped the treatment as soon as they were aware they were on it.

Now I have rethought my approach and have been secretly Red Pill-ing people on whom I suspect will be successful, and it has been WORKING! This is a wonderful approach, and I suspect that I am not the only one who has thought about it and come to this conclusion. However, I don't see it talked about much (if ever--which I haven't personally seen, and I've digested a TON of RP literature and videos in my 6 months in the community). So how to we Red Pill society? We do it by slipping it into the water supply. At first in small doses; once a tolerance is built, we get loud, we get vocal, we mobilize and we demand change. Right now we are still met with tremendous opposition and hatred for our views. Views that we CAN'T un-hold. You can cough up a Red Pill, but once it's in your bloodstream, you've taken it. Even if it was only one time, you've taken the Red Pill. Those of us that on the script are not liable to get off it.

One thing about myself, I am a musician. I am young (26) and aiming to make a career out of it. I know from personal experience that music is one of the most POWERFUL influences of culture, and people seem to be consciously oblivious to this. However, subconsciously this is something most people have felt and experienced many times over by the time they're an adult. Every time someone streams/downloads Robinson's song, another Red Pill is dispensed into society. Taken in by listeners unaware, the message is nonetheless internalized in their minds.

In closing, we need more of this. More examples of Red Pill music and film, but covertly so. The Red Pill movie makes good arguments, but people are not swayed by good arguments, they are swayed by convincing narratives GROUNDED IN REAL-WORLD EXPERIENCES. So if anyone reading this has any more examples of songs they believe are truly ROOTED in RP philosophy, please share them with me and the rest of the RP community!

Finally, thank you to anyone reading this. I have much, much more to say and to contribute to the Red Pill community, and that will come with time, but for my first post I just want to acknowledge everyone in my audience and say that I hope you found some value in what I have to offer. This is a wonderful community that may have saved my life--if not now, quite possibly in the future if I had kept making the mistakes I had in the past. Thank you to the whole community, to RP juggernauts fighting in the heavyweight division, and to the silent reader who takes every bit of wisdom this space has to offer us and makes it loud with their actions.

Looking forward to further engagement

With Moxie,



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