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Tinder sucks, specially, if you are disabled
Published 02/11/19 by disabledtrp [1 Comments]

Hello fellow TRPer's !

For the tittle, we all know i'm not saying anything new. i just want to share the experience in case another disabled person is around here, looking for info, so i can save them some time, money (in case is planning to pay the premium features of the app) and useless hope.
Some context: late 20's, business owner, i'm oxygen dependent, means that i have something like this in my face, i have a sort of normal life, something like the girl in the movie "the fault in our stars". average guy looks, clean, trimmed, dress well, after i found trp, i invested a ton in myself, in terms of looks and i believe i'am a solid 8 (if you can overlook that thing in my face, of course). Located in south america
Going straight to the point, the results of my intents at using tinder to meet girls:
  • Up to 100 matches in 12 months
  • Matches happened in 3 different countries, with girls of 7 different countries.
  • Ages from 19 to 32.
  • The first 3 months, most of my matches where a 5/6 at best. after i started to improve my pics and bio, my matches are a solid 8 or more
  • 70% answered to my openers
  • 60% continued to talk after the opener
  • Tried several styles, like talking more, using anecdotes, being funny, talking as less as possibly, just to arrange logistic, push / pull combination etc.. every possible combination in the book.
The final result:
0 dates
Yep, I'm not talking here about, F-close, K-close. I couldn't even get a girl to share a free coffee or meal with me IRL.
The most noticeable thing, is that they are all in about talking in the app. but the moment i ask them out, they disappear, put some excuse or just unmatch.
I realized that there are 3 motivations to match with me:
  • Validation (looks like is never enough, they even need it from a disabled person in tinder)
  • Curiosity (bored girls that has nothing to do with their life and just want to ask why i have that thing in face)
  • Mistake (they are attracted to me but haven't realized that i'm disabled, even after i uploaded a really close up face pic, is never my intention to hide my disability. This is very noticeable after you talk a bit, all is fine and suddenly, they unmatch)
Even today i had one that admitted that just matched with me why she was curious, wanted to ask things about me, had nothing else to do, and never planned to meet me in real life.
So, if you have any kind of disability, just own it, of course, DGAF, and move on, but don't waste your time in online dating. They are all just attention whores, that any kind of attention and validation is good for them. Your best chance is out there, but remember, is gonna be 10x harder than for normal, healthy people.
Personally, i'm not even mad. is just another doses of red pills to swallow. This days i'm travelling a lot for work, focusing in my business and i really don't feel like investing more of my time online, but also not even in real life. I'm just grossed out of the situation to be sincere. I will probably try night or day game later in life, when i feel like it, in the meantime, i will keep working on my mission, lifting as much as my health can let me, and doing whatever the fuck makes me happy everyday. In terms of sex, i will keep paying the escort's i paid my whole life. In today economy, is even cheaper to pay this mid-range escorts for sex and company than going out with a girl (i don't like to go to cheap places, mcDonalds or burguer king are not my thing)
I hope this helps any other disabled person in a similar position. My DM's are open to anyone that needs to talk about it and don't want to make it public.
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Comment by JakinJake on 02/12/19 10:29pm

Obviously if you're disabled it isn't going to work, dude. That's like going on Seeking Arrangements and saying you only earn $10k a year.

You're going on a platform where people are judging you based off of looks, and you're surprised when people just you based off of looks.

Not trying to be a dick, but maybe you should consider trying a dating website for disabled people? I'm sure they have some, and I bet you'd find much better results.

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