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Austere: The New Political System
Published 12/14/20 by Fawk_Face [0 Comments]


By: Fawk_Face

In this work, I will attempt and give my take on how a society and civilization should be constructed.


What is wrong with society and modern day civilization? The lack of strength and greatness.

We allow and tolerate weakness and now in the 21st century even promote it.

As time goes on this only makes humanity even more weak.

Humanity has always relied on leaders. Leaders become our role models, our fathers, and our saviors.

If you have poor leaders, you'll have a poor society.




  • Empathy
  • Ownership
  • Self Awareness
  • Adaptability.
  • Physical and mental strength.
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Vision
  • Influence


  • The ability to communicate
  • The ability to know how to use the people they are leading. This means knowing the strengths and weaknesses of their group.
  • The ability to develop others.
  • The ability to know when to give and know when to take.
  • The ability to stay focused during the storm.
  • The ability to be weak not stay weak.
  • The ability to die for what they believe in
  • The ability to live for what matters even in the odds of insurmountable pain.


A Leader needs others.

Without others there would be no leader.

A leader must be able to ask others for help and should grab the best minds to assist them.

A leader should have a group of allies that contribute towards his vision.

Respect is key.

Without respect there is no humanity. Only object.

A leader must respect his subjects and in return he is given respect to lead.

If a leader does not respect their subjects they will be replaced or suffer a much worse fate for betraying the trust and respect of their subjects. They will become an object of punishment beaten upon gladly.

Thus it bears repeating: A leader must lead with respect.

PART II: The Citizen

Now, in the discussions of leadership few mention how the subject, citizen or followers should act. So what even what makes a good citizen?



  • Honesty.
  • Tolerance.
  • Accountability.
  • Moral Courage.


  • The ability to allow the leader to lead. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.
  • The ability to contribute to their community. Give more than take.
  • The ability to trust their leader.
  • The ability to ask questions
  • The ability to seek understanding.
  • The ability to test their leader.
  • The ability to be weak not stay weak.


A Follower needs to know the path it is following.

When following their leader a follower should seek understanding.

If a follower does not understand why it is following they make themselves a slave.

This is what separates a slave to a follower.

When a follower is following a leader they should seek to understand their leader.

A follower shall also test their leader.

If a follower cannot test their leader they surrender all power to chance.

This can destroy the follower/ Citizens.

It is the responsibility of the citizen to test their king.

Never to test out of disrespect, but to build trust.

You must trust the path you are following.

Thus relating...

The king is the path to the future for the citizens

PART III: The Politics

Now with the knowledge of what makes a king and a citizen, the discussion of how a civilization should be made... shall commence.

A civilization is to serve the fundamental relationship between Leader and Follower.

For the leader to properly lead they must have the ability to lead.

So the leader of a civilization shall be a king. However not to be compared to monarchies.

In this civilization every citizen is given the opportunity to become king. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

This king will be replaced every 15 years. Enough time to commence change and establish their visions (if they do not waste time and their potential). However allowing diversification among leadership thus giving more perspectives and opportunity for change.

As mentioned previously, the ability to test its king is an important part of citizens. This ties into the following...

In order to become a king, a citizen must pass a series of challenges and trials, testing their traits and abilities in purpose to see if they obtain the power of leadership. (For what those traits and abilities are read part I)

The process will start with large of groups of people volunteering for the position of king. For a time of a year the ones volunteering will be put through a series of test designed by non-profit organizations and chosen by the citizens.

After the tests, a large amount of volunteers will have been eliminated and returned to their former citizenship status.

Thus meaning the remaining volunteers must compete for king.

The competitions will will involve a focus on strategic ability pinning the remaining volunteers against one another.

The last one remaining becomes king.

The volunteers that made it to the final rounds shall not go empty handed they shall be rewarded with reserved representative positions, meaning they will be able to lead “states” or parts the land similar to Americas system.

The people aka the citizens of each state will get to chose their representatives. However not their king.

A citizen can get a chance to become a representative by going through democratic election process or they can volunteer and make it to the final rounds in “The test for king.” The election process will be FAR easier then “the test for king”. However not as much guaranteed.

The representative of the states or different parts of the land will govern their province of the kings land and report to king.

The king can overrule laws and actions of representatives.

Now, to make sure the king does not get absolute power when ruling they will be checked by 5 people.

This will be called the god hand.

This group of 5 individuals will get to vote on each action the king makes. If the king cannot get their votes he cannot carry though his actions.

The process to select “Godhand” will go as follows...

Citizens get to run for position of “Godhand” this will be a year long election thus meaning the “Godhand” member are selected and chosen by the people.

After the election process 10 citizens shall remain for the opportunity.

The king now has the power to select the 5 “Godhand's” out of the 10 batch the people have chosen.

Now to refresh..

We have The king, The leader of the land.

the representatives, The leaders of the each state who report to the king.

The Godhand, a group consisting of 5 members who vote on the kings actions thus allowing the king to make action.

Now, what happens to a former king after the 15 year process?

A king once using up their 15 years becomes a “Liege”. A Liege will consist of all past kings who are still alive. They will have the ability to check the decisions of “The Godhand”.

A king if he does not like the decisions of his godhand can go to the Liege.

The Liege will vote democratically on whether to reject or accept the kings appeal.

In essence the Liege will be similar to “The supreme court” from the 19th, 20th, and 21st century America.

The Liege will also be there to help and consult the current king if he request for their guidance.

This new political system shall be called: Austere

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