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Day 1. Get a Gym
Published 03/24/17 by BecomeAMan [0 Comments]

This should be an easy task today. It’s very straight forward. Most of you should already have this one done. Today’s mission is to find a gym, and sign up.

But redpill, I’m broke!

No ifs ands or buts. It’s time to get the fuck into shape you whiney god damned child. If you can’t afford a gym, it’s time to learn how to save. Grocery shop, and put $10 aside every week. Now you can afford a gym. There is no excuse.

Bonus points: If you have a home gym, or create one.

And now for this week’s rule:

Stay sober all week. Beer? Quit it. Not one beer all week. We’re going to focus on fitness this week, and step one is being in the right mind, and in health. Hangovers are the number one killer of workouts.

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