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Who Owns The Red Pill?
Published 10/27/16 by GayLubeOil [1 Comments]

In a dirty green hotel room sit two men. One is a twenty something programmer. The other is a black guy in a trench coat. After talking about fate, Plato's Cave and a 1980's treaties called Simulacra and Simulation, in a smooth hypnotic NPR voice, the black guy reaches into his trench coat and produces drugs. Now you have to understand that this is the 90's. Black men in trench coats offering drugs were completely normal back then. So anyway, the black guy reaches out his hands and offers the programmer one of two drugs: A Blue Pill that allows him to belive whatever he wants to, or a Red Pill that allows him to see reality. Upon taking the Red Pill, the programmer discovers that he's not actually a programmer but a naked bald guy, sleeping in a tub of pink semen, getting ass probbed by robots. We don't know much about the robots. However one thing is for certain, the Robots only derive benefit from assprobing sleeping men. The naked bald guy is disposed of through a series of tubes, so that his pink semen tub can be occupied by another sleeper.

There are many interpretations of this story and much controversy as to who has rightful internet ownership of the metaphor. Today Red Pill Superstar GaylubeOil will discuss the four major ones so that you can decide for yourself which ones personaly make sence to you and which don't.

For the Left the ass harvesting robots are capitalists, religion, patriarchy, racism or all of the above. People are asleep to their exploitation and need to wake up so that they can overthrow the system so that it can be replaced with a magical utopia. Unfortunately Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Fidel, Ho Chi Min all failed to deliver the utopia. Leftists being perpetual optimists wish to give it another try reguardless of what happened last time.

It is the belief of the Alt Right that Jew robots are using minorities and the banking system as a tool to ass harvest Europeans. Europeans need to wake up and get rid of the Jews in order to achieve their full potential. This has been attempted for thousands of years to no avail. No matter what Europeans do they can't lose the Jews.

According to the misogynist Shitlord Reddit community known as TRP, men are in a feminist slumber induced by the media establishment and leftist academia. Men need to wake up from the equalist bullshit and embrace their masculinity so they can achieve their full potential. The more a man self actualizes the more strength he has to resist. There is some dispute as to whom the ass harvesting robots are. However, the possible candidates are: Globalists, Jews, Lizard People or all of the above...George Soros.

The last contender for the title of Red Pill is the Men's Rights Movement lead by Paul Elam and his zany cadre of middle age drinking buddies. Like TRP they belive that men are unjustly exploited. In contrast however, the MRM belives that instead of fighting the ass robots the best course of action is to embrace obesity, cry on camera and insist that life is unfair and should be improved by the ass robots for the sake of equality.

Communists, White Supremacists, and Shitlords all have a reasonable claim to the Red Pill metaphor, because like Neo they are actively resisting the robots. Paul Elam on the other hand is drinking, binging and crying while pretending to resist. His displays of weakness only encourage robot anal assault.

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Comment by taketehredpill on 11/27/16 12:33pm

I'd like to proof read this material to fix common grammar and spelling issues. Admins please facilitate; to whom do I send the checked copy?