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Little Susies
Published 12/03/16 by GayLubeOil [0 Comments]

The first thing that men learn about women is how much they suck. It usually happens sometime around elementary or middle school. It's recess your running around throwing snowballs at the other boys. Or maybe it's dodgeball or tag or whatever else seven year olds do when their not crammed into the shitshow that is public education. The story is always the same.

You're having fun with the other kids and a little girl ruins it. Maybe she gets hit in the face with an iceball, or scrapes her knee after an aggressive tag or maybe she hears a bad word. Whatever the fuck it is, she immediately makes a beeline to the nearest adult. "I'm Telling!" she announces with the stalwart solemn determination of Erwin Romel. The *I'm telling face* is deeply ingrained in our collective consciousness because it was our first experience with absolute powerlessness.

If you called Fat Carlos *Burrito Boy*. There is a good chance that you could convince him you actually said *Latino Boy* and nothing would come of it. If you threw an iceball at Trevor you could get him to throw one back at you and forget it happened. However, if little Susie hears you call Michael a ButtFace she is **100%** going to tell on you and there is nothing anyone can do to stop her.

The adults are going to make a massive deal over the utterance of the racial slur: ButtFace. Susie is going to get positive affermation for her heroic deed. Then she and every other girl are going to keep taddling until you and every other seven year old boy stays as far away from them as possible and only have fun in secret.

That playground story or whatever personal version you have, is the reason for all discrimination against women. Men exclude women because deep in their soul they know that things go more smoothly without them. Think about the phrase *Locker Room Talk*. Heterosexual men will gladly stare at each other's penises for an opportunity to speak freely outside of earshot of the little Susies. In fact high level business deals all across the world are purposefully done outside the purview of Little Susies in the office. Americans talk business at golf courses and country clubs. Russians negotiate in saunas. Koreans make deals in karaoke bars.

The natural inclination is to accept the convention without thought, as just the way things are. Of course business deals are done on golf courses because golf courses are just where people do business deals. That's what executives tell the Little Susies at HR and Accounting. But take a minute to think about it from a different perspective. If you were an executive wouldn't you rather just do deals in your office? Its more convenient, saves time and would allow you to enjoy Sauna-Kareoke-Golf without it being muddled with business.

In a perfect world, the vendor would arrive at your office. You would start with small talk. Laugh about Burrito Boy Fat Carlos whom both of you bullied and manipulated for years in elementary school. You would figure out a preliminary rate. Then you would call the magic money Jews into the office and have them figure out how to dodge as much tax and regulatory burden as possible. Everybody wins!

The problem is that the Little Susans would never let that shit happen. You wouldn't be able to build enough rapport to have your vendor relax and give you a real discount because the little Susies would keep asking stupid questions in order to feel like empowered business women. Women will gladly fuck people over to feel important even if it serves no real benefit to them apart from feels.

At the end of the day everyone knows the importance of escaping little Susies. In fact you could argue that there is even a tacit acceptance among women. However no one is ever allowed to say anything about it ever, because that would hurt little Susie's feelings and she would tell on you.

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