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Put On Your Fedora and Go Your Own Way
Published 12/11/16 by GayLubeOil [2 Comments]

Last week I wrote a wonderful post called *Counterfeit Red Pills* which made the case that MGTOW is fundamentally incompatible with The Red Pill because MGTOW is a retreat from the Real into the Virtual and Symbolic. A belief system dedicated to embraceing painful reality is incompatible with a belief system dedicated to running from it. From a purely philosophical standpoint that should be the end of the discussion.

Unfortunately human nature is not logical. MGTOWs were hurt that I was showing them the door. For whatever reason they feel at home in a community dedicated to sexual strategy while simultaneously lambasting all sexual strategy as pussy worship. A parallel can definitely be made with refugees flooding liberal democracies and imposing Sharia. Why won't those fuckers stay over there? Why do they have to come here? If fundamentalist Muslims hate western liberalism so much why do they go to liberal Western countries? If MGTOWs have gone their own way, why do they need a community dedicated to sexual strategy?

What is my rationale for excluding these lovable but tragic chubsters? Well my dear gentilesirs, please find a sturdy chair and allow me to mansplain.

The Red Pill's most important demographic are its 16-23 year old Baby Alphas. These young men are in a confusing and difficult period of their life and are looking for a pathway to success and masculinity. The Red Pill's advice for these men can be boiled down to: work hard, develop yourself, develop your body and go fuck some sluts. By pushing physical and mental boundaries a Baby Alpha can grow into an Alpha. By facing rejection betrayal and loss a Baby Alpha can understand women and become a man. It's a painful unpleasant process but a process that is nonetheless necessary for a man to actualize.

And her in lies the problem. While we the Red Pill offers hard work and struggle, MGTOWs offer comfort and complacency. By saying women arnt worth it MGTOWs give young man an excuse to stay boys forever.

MGTOWs are Fedora Cancer not because I GaylubeOil personally despise Undermenschen. No! MGTOWs are Fedora Cancer because they lure young men away from actualization and towards mediocrity and stagnation. Men need suffering to become men and women very frequently provide that suffering.

Until a plugged-in man experiances a woman with all of her natural flaws he can never escspd from the idealized virtual reality created by his Blue Pill indoctrination. Women are 100% worth it because most men need to see the Real firsthand to belive the Real. If you don't agree with me you are more than welcome to pick up your fedora with your orange cheasy fingers and go your own way.

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Comment by Dankpool on 01/11/17 02:11pm

I used to think MGTOWS were a good strategy for men. Just forget about them go your own way and succeed without them. But you are right. What they basically do is run from their fears and problems and because it feels bad to give up they made up a name for it and now they are convinced it's a genuine thing. It makes me think of two caterpillar. One who work hard to become a butterfly and the other too scared to get out and see the worlk like it is stay and die in his cocoon.

Comment by onewingedangel on 12/12/16 10:44am

"Men(Boys) need suffering to become men and women very frequently provide that suffering."

This is where a grey zone is met with MGTOW's, Their suffering is one with "Involuntary Celibacy". They expect a free lunch because they show up to life. They don't see the 40th law of power at play, "What has worth is worth paying for." Pay with the suffering of improvement not with the suffering of reclusion.