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Published 06/12/17 by GayLubeOil [4 Comments]

As many of you know last April, the chief strategist behind The_Donald CisWhiteMalestrom was doxxed. However most don't know why or how it happened. So have a seat on papa GaylubeOil's thick muscular quads and let him tell you a story.

The reason The_Donald became the largest Trump community on the internet is because it utilized a Red Pill publicity strategy and was run by Red Pill Endorsed Contributors. The basic premise is that the left is far more numerous on Reddit and has more time to bitch about stupid shit. So the fastest way to grow a community is to write something deliberately provocative and make sure lefties hear about it. Then when lefties show up to virtue signal about your thought crimes, provoke them further by baning them and telling them to choke on your semen. Pretty soon lefties will tell other lefties about the injustice creating a positive feedback loop of publicity. Eventually Righties will hear about it and join your community.

This strategy worked really well and The_Donald subsequently grew so big that it began to challenge the Left's monopoly on political discourse on Reddit. The first strike was when The_Donald called out Politics for censoring blood drive information after the Orlando shooting. While the Left loves claiming moral superiority there is nothing moral about censoring blood drive information after one of the largest terrorist attacks in American history. This was such a blow to the narrative that the admins had no choice but to shut down the entire discussion and manually remove threads themselves.

However the admin's heavy handed tactics allowed CisWhiteMalestrom to create an Us vs Them dynamic between his userbase and the Admins further driving The_Donalds growth. The admins had no choice but to dethrone an effective leader and hope for someone less aggressive. CisWhiteMalestrom personal information was leaked to SJWs who immediately began placing threatening phone calls to his entire family including his pregnant sister.

The admins can and do read your private messages, modify your comments and collude with their SJW allies to create leadership transitions. In fact they recently tried this with the Red Pill but were unsuccessful.

For this reason we are building a secure communication platform who's servers will not be housed in SJW Cuck Shacks. Communication and the exchange of ideas is the basis for all power, which is why we can no longer afford to allow Aids Skrillex and Trigglypuff to rifle through your personal messages. Our goal is to create a secure platform that will allow our members to form private groups and eventually coordinate in person meetups.

Features Include:

* iPhone and Android chat apps.
* Online browser chat interface.
* Private groups similar to facebook but with privacy and anonymity as the default.
* Specialized features for vetting members and preventing infiltration.

In order to accomplish our objectives we either need a team of Alpha programers to volunteer their time and talents or a third of a Bitcoin to buy the necessary scripts.

Send programer volunteer inquiries to this address.

Send Bitcoin donations to this address.

Thanks for your help. May your errections be strong. May your list of accomplishments be long. May you have ample opportunity to get the friction on.

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Comment by bytemar3 on 10/20/18 08:33pm

Hey, I'm an Android developer and would love to help the community in building this app, I can put in any spare time that I have. If you're still looking, PM me!

Comment by OmniSovereign on 06/25/17 12:17pm

Hi, I'm a front-end web developer and would love to help.

How are you going to develop the apps? I have recently gotten into native app development using front-end web languages (NativeScript). If you're going to develop the apps with iOS and Android's respective languages (Swift/Objective C and Java) then I cannot help as I only know Front-End web. This will also mean that I can help on the online browser chat interface.

Anyway, shoot me a PM so I can get more info


Comment by redpillschool on 06/12/17 04:29pm


Comment by G_Petronius on 06/12/17 01:08pm

The first strike was when The_Donald called out Politics for censoring blood drive information after the Orlando shooting.

It was /r/news, not /r/politics.

As for the rest, the idea sounds great, the details will determine how much success it has. I've been looking into private and secure messaging for a while and it seems the most common community complaint is a) code is not open source, hence people can't check whether security claims have substance and b) there isn't end-to-end, client-side encryption for at least a major messaging mode (such as groups). Now the latter is kind of a stupid request but just keep it in mind because you'll most certainly hear people REEEing about it.