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The Legend of the Sheriff
Published 06/30/17 by GayLubeOil [0 Comments]

Back in university, there was this girl who told everyone she wanted to be a sheriff, like her father. So my fraternity called her as the Sheriff. Anyway the Sheriff earned her fame by coming to our house parties and sucking off two dudes at a time in the bathroom. Towards the end of the party when most of the other girls had left and weren't there to judge her, she would casually scan for the two hottest dudes still there. Then she would drag both into the bathroom and like an old western sheriff fire their pistols at the same time. Most dudes can't say no to that despite the risk of friendly fire.

Anyway the whole situation was fucked up because on at least two occasions she would start crying mid blowjobs. There would be two erect dudes in the bathroom trying to calm down the Sheriff so she could finish doing her thing. They would tell her that she was beautiful and reassure her of her future. It was paternal in a fucked up sexual way which in hindsight was probably what she was looking for. For the record my fraternity was very diverse. So the Sheriff was the beneficiary of Persian, Mexican Asian and good old White American parenting.

If anyone here knows about Fraternity recruitment, they know that its primary mechanism is telling fresh out of high school rushies exaggerated stories of sexual conquest. For a summer the Sheriff was an important player in the sex life of my fraternity. Which is why the lore of the Sheriff was used extensively to facilitate fall recruitment.

The modus operandi of the Sheriff was consistent. She would find two dudes. Begin sucking them off. Cry. Get comforted by her two naked daddies. Finish sucking them off. She had a plan and she stuck with it. The Sheriff had the precision of a Swiss watch.

However, while the Sheriff was consistent my fraternity's stories weren't. One dude bragged about being in a threesome while neglecting to mention that Hassan's hairy Persian penis also present in the threesome. Hassan was just happy to feed kebab to a white girl. Finally no one cared to explore the unique psychological aspect of the situation, even though a fascinating case study could be written on the topic.

And here in lies the Red Pill lesson. A lot of you are trying to emulate the life of Chad. The problem is Chad didn't tell you the full story. He didn't tell you about girls throwing up, shitting themselves on the dance floor or crying mid blowjob. Anyone who knows sluts, knows that's what sluts do.

Chad didn't tell you that part of the story because Chad doesn't care about the truth, he cares about telling a good story. Don't spend your life chasing someone else's fantasy. Fantasies don't exist. And if you ever do have the pleasure of living Chad's fantasy you won't be truly fulfilled. Because the truth is as uncomfortable as two dicks touching in a crying girls mouth.

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