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The Case Against Stoicism
Published 08/15/17 by GayLubeOil [3 Comments]

First off I'd like to preface this by saying I enjoy the Stoic philosophy, apply it in my personal life and think that Marcus Aurelius is a cool dude. I have absolutely nothing against the Stoic philosophy and believe it to be a great fit for some people. Stoicism probably works best for those who prefer impersonal assessment to personal. In other words Stoicism is a great fit for thinkers and less so for feelers. Personaly I see myself as an obsessive thinker and inept borderline retarded at feeling.

Now obviously, the easy thing for us thinkers to do is to get in a big circle with our fellow thinkers and jerk each other off to how much better we are then the feelers. However before we all collectivly drop our trousers and grab our cognitively similar friend's dicks, we should ask ourselves an important question: Is thinking always better than feeling?

Remember that time you over thought it and didn't talk to the girl? What about the time you lost your errection because you were analyzing a girls interior desighn rather then feeling the moment. How about your general lack of sympathy and inability to relate to people. If you are thinker some of this probably applies to you. If you are a feeler less of it does.

Thinking and feeling can be advantageous or disadvantagous depending on the situation. Both personality traits exist for a reason and you do not get to choose which one you are.

What I'm saying is that if you are a man like Kanye, who is impulsive and does what feels right like interrupting Taylor swift, then Stoicism probably isn't going to work for you. Your mind wasn't desighned for that framework. Sure you can try it in the same way that a midget can try basketball. But a midget will never excell at basketball. A midget can be a great jockey but never a great point guard.

My point is the Manosphere and the self improvement community at large has a lot of advice, templates and models. A lot of is going to work for you and a lot of it isn't. That's fine. Men are wired differently. Not everything works for everyone and that's okay. Figure out what systems work best and just do that. And to all the feelers reading this, I just wanna say that I definitely understand your pain. But I sure as fuck can't feel any of it.

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Comment by 1jerome1 on 04/19/20 11:04pm

Yeah this is so true. Everyone is preaching be a stoic or some shit. But I always do shit before I think, it's a bad habit but it has helped me occasionally. I just be doing me fake it till you make it

Comment by supremelummox on 08/29/19 12:53am

I think I need to be a bit more of a feeler.

Comment by Water on 08/21/17 04:32pm

Think I'm a feeler as an INFJ...

So what would you recommend for feelers?

So far I've only read The Enchiridion and did find it pretty useful.