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Published 12/03/18 by gmorales2 [0 Comments]

So I'm just going to start. There's a lot of angles to this story, but I guess it started back in 2010. I had just been medically discharged from the military and I had jumped into marriage before being discharged to a woman that threatened to withhold sex if we didn't get married. My now ex-wife had went to the courthouse and got a quickie marriage. I went back home after being discharged from the Army because my dad had a heart attack and I wanted to be close by. My ex-wife, wanted to stay close to her family. Her dad had multiple wives, which is normal in their culture. She was born in Chad, Africa by the way. What led to me being medically discharged was the fact that I had a nervous breakdown and thought my NCO's were trying to kill me while I was still stationed in Germany. So my mental health was suspect at best and after I was discharged. I started hanging around my ex-best friend at the time, while he was going through ups and downs in his marriage right before he had his first son. Shortly after the birth his now ex-wife started following me around with her new-born son, because she thought I might kill myself, which was bullshit.

My mental health was messed up, but I would never kill myself. Unbeknownst to me is that What's her Face, my ex-best friend's now ex-wife, was telling everyone else that I had raped her while she continued to follow me around, show up at my mom's house (where I was living at the time), and take road trips with me to Fresno. One night I showed up at my ex-best friend's apartment and he thought I was acting 'funny', so he called his brother on me and the cops. The cops showed up and ordered me to take my hands out of my pockets. In my deranged mental state I thought this was an absurd request, because I literally had nothing in my pockets. I yanked my hands out of my pockets and they tasered me, which felt like forever. At one point I screamed the phrase "I only have one life!" because I thought I was going to die. They stopped and I was so fatigued from being tased that they had to carry me into a squad car and to the hospital. I continued to whimper as I thought the cops were going to kill me and I felt a pair of pliers being pressed to my nipple as if to threaten or provoke me into doing something. I didn't and the hospital drew blood and discharged me to the mental health clinic where What's her Face continued to visit me. After a few days of being held in the mental health clinic where one of the patients asked to kiss me my dad had his second, but final heart attack. I was released where I went to his funeral. My uncle Jim asked me to say a few words. I walked up to the podium but I couldn't speak. I relented and walked outside fleeing from the situation. My uncle Bob followed me outside, but I had nothing to say. At the end of the funeral my father was cremated and my uncle Jim asked if I wanted a few thousand dollars but I turned the offer down and went back home to my mom's.

After that my mental health continued to deteriorate and I made a return visit shortly after to the same mental health clinic. Two times was enough for me and I started working to make sure I wouldn't need to return. What's her Face latched onto me and my best friend became my ex-best friend and I started raising his son. Shortly after, I got a divorce from my wife and What's her Face got a divorce from my ex-best friend, while also getting knocked up with my son. I started toiling away trying to build a life with this newly-formed crew of mine. I would fix What's her Face's Honda Civic endlessly before buying her her very own Jeep, which now sits idly in my driveway. I went to school and became an Electrician's Helper but that wasn't fast enough, so I stayed on Unemployment Insurance for two years. I was given an internship at the Merced EDD, while juggling the ups and downs that I inherited by taking on What's her Face. We now were raising two kids and living together. I would find her 12 oclock at night outside talking to our neighbor who was in his fifties. I was arrested twice for domestic violence but never charged with anything. The internship eventually turned into a full-time job with the state. I now work an 8 to 5 Monday thru Friday. What's her Face now has 2015 Jeep Wrangler that she pays for on my credit, since she had to file for bankruptcy. The kids are now 8 and 7 . I'm still at the same job, but I have a restraining order against the mother for what happened on October 31st of this year. Since What's her Face moved out I've had multiple people, that know What's her Face, contact me. I've been told that what What's her Face is experiencing is something called Alpha-widowing. Before shit the fan at the end of October I had just started educating myself by reading The Rational Male and No More Mr. Nice Guy. I started seeking out advice and counsel from What's her Face's brother because I just could not wrap my head around her behavior. 'Rational male' trying to figure out 'ruled-by-feelings woman'.

What's her Face or Whf was hanging out with my 19 year-old cousin, 'Dead Eyes' (DE), constantly. What's her Face is 28 with two kids. Dead Eyes tried to commit suicide at least twice that I know of. Once over her ex-girlfriend because she's a lesbian. Whf was there when DE tried to commit suicide at least one of the times and continued to have DE near our children. DE would even pick up the kids from school in her dilapidated deathtrap of a Jeep. I guess that's normal for whf, because I've been diagnosed as having a mental disorder so why not parade DE around the kids. That's everyday normal fucking behavior. I'm still at my current job and What's her Face has a trial date late in 2019. I have visitation rights to my son, but my legal rights are severely limited to my other son, because he's not my biological son.

I now go to MMA practice as regularly as I possibly can and spend time mostly with my dog and my brother-in-law, ketogainsmongoose. My house is a shit ton cleaner than it was, but it still has a long way to go. I've been spending a lot of time at the laundromat and just picking up the pieces as I go. My dog is good company and I like going to the gym, but I miss my kids.

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