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gmorales2's Blog
New Concerns
Published 12/05/18 by gmorales2 [0 Comments]

So everything's starting to settle down. I have another court appearance tomorrow to deal with my cousin, Dead Eyes, that's been working hand-in-hand, steadily with What's her Face (see previous post *Diarrhea), as this turmoil has heated up to a tumultuous and life-threatening level. I came home last night to my dog who was jumping for joy at seeing me, which is always nice and I go to heat up a burrito from Trader Joe's. I unwrap the burrito and see something broken near the microwave. Hmm that's weird.

I pick up the pieces and look to where it came from. It was sitting previously on the top shelf with two other cups from Mexico that I got from EE (a guy that I work with). After I pick up the pieces I look over at the other two cups and there's a damn switchblade in the other smaller cup. I think "huh, that's weird. Where did that come from?" I noticed this on 12/04/2018 and I last saw the cups like physically laid my eyes on them when What's her Face thought of taking them on 12/01/2018. So, I'm pretty sure someone broke into my house again. Fuck. Sick and tired of this stupid bullshit.

I check all of the windows and make sure that they're locked and I stayed up until almost 12:30 am looking in the closets in my house thinking Dead Eyes might be hiding in one of them. But hey I got to watch more of Castlevania Season 2 and that show is sweet.

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