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Promethean and Primordial Man
Published 01/29/20 by jwayne [0 Comments]

Promethean and Primordial Man

Banishing divinity from reality, and birthing Promethean man, has led to the utter alienation of man from his own consciousness.

Promethean man, being anti-Platonist and rationalist, attributes what Primordial man attributed to divinity to the lowest levels of existence: the Aryan (Greek and Indian) divinity was eternal, indestructible, irreducible; the 4th century BCE Atomist school Greeks' "divinity" was called matter: it borrowed the divine properties and was too said to be eternal, indestructible, irreducible.

The very human dimensions of life that constitute the most profound experiences possible to man - sex, love, joy, so on - are known intimately by Promethean man even if he rejects their inner signification to a metaphysical doctrine. The meaning he ascribes to these experiences will be determined on the basis of what forms of knowing he accepts and rejects - that is, for him, they will be interpreted as biological processes activated by environmental stimuli.

In other words, Promethean man does not own his own consciousness. Show me your true face before you were born - commands the Zen koan. Promethean man doesn't doesn't have an inner center, he is "a product of his environment". Primordial man is an immutable essence that survives rebirths, ascends heavenly realms and is subject to inviolable Absolute Laws to which his actions, thoughts and words are weighed against.

Promethean man sees the world as a linear stretch of time forward and back, with himself occupying a small inconsequential slice and whose very existence is the coincidence of his parents copulation; Primordial man saw the world as occurring in cycles and whose being was fated to a particular time and place that was ordained by higher laws, and whose laws, accordingly could be accessed not only by scripture or words of a prophet but knowable by oneself through disciplined meditation, contemplation, work under a master and following an aesthetic path differing by peoples (a mystery school, sufi order, gnostics, sangha, etc).

For Primordial man, reality was knowable through mind training, purification and discipline that led to sapiential knowledge. For Promethean man, reality is knowable on the horizontal plane of scientific measurements, and all human dimensions are relagated to lower orders of thinking called speculation, emotionalizing, philosophizing, theorizing, fantasizing and imagining; whereas Primordial man attributed the human dimension to higher orders of thinking as they involved those gifts which most differentiated man from other creatures and brought him to the peaks of his creative potential. The purest art is always from an intuitive space that borders on unknowing, this is the same space that insight comes from, in the universal sense of the word.

Is it any wonder Promethean man erects ugly and sterile cities (architecture, goods, manufacturing) desanitized of any reflection of beauty that may impinge on its quantifiable measurements (function, material value)?

Primordial man saw Eternity in all things, Promothean man sees Time. The difference is a mind that is oriented towards the full blooming of its capacities, as well as its proper moral orientation as a result of grasping with the holistic order of man's life in all its dimensions vs a mind that is one-dimensional in the direction of logical progression, evolution, linear thinking and becoming that is rooted in contingency and material existence and that sees morality and virtue fundamentally as an illusion.

For Primordial man, consciousness is rooted in the Absolute; for Promethean man, consciousness is located in the brain. The difference is a self?referential that transcends worldliness vs a self?concept inherently stuck in the world and by definition always in conflict with others, even as it postures to moralize its way out of conflict by social solidarity, loving ones neighbors and practicing pacifism.

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