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Network Membership and Early Ingsoc
Published 09/06/19 by RPFerro [0 Comments]

Most Network people are born into it. From an early age, the parents of a Network family will pressure, indoctrinate, and corrupt their child into joining the Network and its machinations.

Remember, the Network controls every level of government (national, state/ regional, and local), so a NPC cannot obtain a professional license without being a part of, or under Network control.

As mentioned in the first post, anything with power is controlled by the Network. So academia and its curriculum is designed by the Network.

Put these ideas together: the Network uses teachers and Network children to manipulate the prole children. Not only is the curriculum designed to program a certain perception of reality, the Network students further reinforce and direct behavior on a peer level.

To summarize, "it's like they're using 1984 as an instruction manual."

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