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Trauma Programming
Published 09/06/19 by RPFerro [0 Comments]

There is a way to condition minds to automatically respond when a certain kind of stimulus is introduced. One such method for deep programming is called trauma-based programming, or trauma-based mind control.

In the ethical scientific community, if there is any such enclave remaining, trauma-based programming is unacceptable, if not outright banned. This ban does not mean that trauma programming experimentation does not happen.

Although most of the mind control methods were pioneered in the CIA's MK Ultra program, they are still used today and applied through the Network.

Intro reading for normies, Trauma Programming by James True: https://archive.is/naGJN

For those who want to venture a little bit further into the rabbit hole, Fundamentals of Trauma Based Mind Control by Eve Lorgen: https://archive.fo/A89fq . Be sure to check out MK Ultra and Operation Paperclip.

And as always, if anyone thinks these ideas or sources are bullshit, you're welcome to give me better knowledge.

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