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Top of the Network Pyramid
Published 09/09/19 by RPFerro [0 Comments]

Within the Game, every race, creed, and color is playing for dominance and control. Think about a giant pyramid of shit, some group has to be the top-most turd.

If you want to know who controls society and has the most leverage within the Game/ Network, who are you not allowed to criticize? The left can criticize the right, the right can do the same to the left. It's a tired old meme by now but it must be restated: nobody is allowed to criticize jews because they are the ones currently at the top of the pyramid (afaik, [but there could be another layer of control happening beyond them]).

In the West, the jews control at the minimum the *media* (media corporations are controlled by jews and work closely with the CIA [Operation Mockingbird]), *banking* (the 8 banker families), and *food industries* (kosher tax). Most Western governments are pro-jew and allied with israel. Who benefits from an almost two decade American military occupation of the middle east? Furthermore, Russia and China are under control.

When the bolsheviks took over Russia, at least 85% of bolshevik leadership was jewish. Even today, denying the holocaust is illegal in Russia.

The bolsheviks then helped China set up its communist regime. China, supposedly sworn enemies of the West, doesn't ever say anything bad about jews or israel, and they have plenty of material to do so.

The entire rivalry system of left vs right, US vs Russia vs China, is all theater.

Within the US, the uniparty already exists. 'The powers that be' are looking for a catalyst to bring the proles together. The unification of left and right would complete the system of German idealism. Part of this system is "unity through diversity" and the use of hegelian dialectic tactics. Much of the left-right opposition are Network members, controlled media, 'ex' military, and intelligence agents.

Prole unification would then mirror the World Trade Center collapse: the two towers fell and became one tower, whose new name is ONE WORLD Trade Center.

After the CIA finished their MK ULTRA experiment, they took that data and began their King Alpha/ Monarch program. Within German idealism, the ruling political system would be a constitutional monarchy.

Oy vey, what a shit show.

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