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The Parables of The Sower
Giant Heads
Published 11/17/19 by Whisper [1 Comments]

Eggs are expensive. Sperm is cheap.

You’ve probably heard by now that all redpill knowledge can be derived from this. And if you haven’t, your reading habits need to be more “Endorsed Contributor posting history” and less “whatever got upvoted today”.

But wise men never stop asking “why”. “What” and “how” always come from “why”. So why are eggs expensive? Why is sperm cheap? It’s pretty simple.

Giant heads.

Human babies have giant heads.

It goes like this:

  1. Human beings, with the possible exception of democratic socialists, survive by being smart.
  2. To make a smart brain, you need a lot of neurons.
  3. To make all those neurons, you have to start early.
  4. Which means your babies have giant heads.
  5. But you need to get those babies out of their mothers.
  6. So their mothers need inefficiently wide hips, sophisticated brain incubators, and a whole of bunch of other expensive reproductive system modifications.
  7. So human females are quite physically helpless compared to males.
  8. You also have to deliver those babies early, while their heads are still small enough to fit through those widened hips.
  9. So every human baby is essentially premature. (For comparison, infant horses can run a few hours after being born.)
  10. So a human female is a weak, inefficient physical specimen who, for much of her life, is carrying around one or more weak and delicate offspring.
  11. They cannot run, fight, or hunt.
  12. So, unlike females of other species, they are constantly dependent on the males to protect, feed, and care for them.
  13. Essentially, they are permanent children, in the sense that they acquire by proximity some of the fragility and importance of humanity’s very expensive children.
  14. So how do you prevent the males from tyrannizing them, to the detriment of the species? By imbuing males with the same protective instinct towards them that women have towards children, of course.
  15. And how do you prevent them from exploiting that protective instinct to take advantage of males, or from making themselves unprotectable by ignoring male guidance? By imbuing them with the same instinctive obedience towards men that children have towards women, of course.

So, because humans have giant heads:

  • Men instinctively protect and care for women.
  • Women instinctively obey and respect men.
  • Women are to men as children are to women.
  • Humans have LTRs instead of a mating season.

Sexism is hardwired into our species by evolution, as an inevitable result of our giant heads. Every social philosophy or sexual strategy is grounded in working with these two instincts, the female instinct to submit, and the male instinct to protect.

  • Tradconism is an attempt to maximize the male protective instinct, through indoctrination, for the benefit of women.
  • Feminism is an attempt to minimize the female submissive instinct, through indoctrination, to enable women to more ruthlessly exploit the male protective instinct.
  • TRP is an attempt to teach men to selectively suppress the male protective instinct, to avoid its exploitation by women who are not submissive.

This is why all the stuff that makes tradcons and feminists scream “My soggy knee!” is the precise secret ingredient that makes this stuff work. Men must be freed from the unconscious, knee-jerk expression of their protective instincts before they can deal with women in a way that maximizes their benefit, rather than that of a stranger.

A world dominated by feminism is a world where men prioritize the interests of women, and women prioritize the interests of… themselves. It is a world half full of adults who must protect children they have no authority over, and half full of unsupervised children.

To survive and prosper in such a world, a man must be able to act differently from other men, and suppress his protective urges until a woman has repeatedly proven to him that she will follow his lead and obey. You must be indifferent to women who do not submit to your control, and control women as a condition of not being indifferent to them. To do otherwise is to be their plaything… and they have no protective instinct towards you.

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Comment by TwoInchesOfShaft on 12/24/19 02:58pm

Whisper, you are a blessing to this community. Thanks for your posts, always a pleasure to read them!

Merry Christmas